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   Voice Print International - Digital Voice Logger

   TCG Telecommunications designed its digital voice logger when one of its largest call center clients requested an Automatic Voice Logger that would digitally record and archive all calls. This client was receiving approximately 20,000 calls per day and required a quality logger with instant voice retrieval. 
   After reviewing the currently available products on the market, and finding them lacking a complete and flexible set of features, TCG designed Voice Print™. Voice Print™ is the only open standard, PC based digital voice logger on the market today.


  • Voice Print™ is Very Easy to Use
  • Graphical User Interface allows non-technical personnel to operate the system.
  • Voice Print™ uses powerful Wizards to walk users through tasks step-by-step.
  • Select time look-up with an easy to use slide bar.
  • Select date look-up with an easy to use pop-up Calendar.
  • Voice Print™ is an open standards product.
  • Runs on industry standard Microsoft NT 4.0 Operating System.
  • Supports many NT compatible SCSI DATs and CD-WORMs.
  • Utilizes existing network mass storage.
  • MVIP, ODBC and WAV compatible.
  • Voice Print™ has a large Instant Replay Buffer.
  • Stores up to 7,500* hours of the most recent call recordings (*optional upgrade).
  • Instant searching for recordings since a database, local to the system, stores the location of all calls in the system.
  • Voice Print™ - Year 2000 Compliance Statement

voice.jpg (16009 bytes)

    Voice Print™ will not produce errors processing date data in connection with the year change from December 31, 1999 to January 1, 2000 when used with accurate date data in accordance with its documentation and the recommendations and exceptions set forth in the Voice Print™ Product Guide, provided all other products (e.g., other software, firmware and hardware) used with it properly exchange date data with Voice Print™. Voice Print™ will recognize the Year 2000 as a leap year.

  • Voice Print™ Offers Complete System Status
  • Identify a Problem Before it Occurs
  • Individual channel status: idle, recording, playback, etc..
  • Tape or archive status and available space.
  • Instant Replay status and available space.
  • Complete application status.
  • Complete Alarm Reporting
  • Immediately notifies users and administrators of a potential problem.
  • Configurable notification to the system administrator via pager or E-mail for tape change, buffer status changes, etc..
  • Designed for High Speed and High Reliability
  • Voice Print™ uses only the finest components including Lucent/BrookTrout voice processing boards, Lucent Technologies design, and Hewlett Packard DATs.

   Voice Print™ Digital Voice Logger runs under the Microsoft NT 4.0 Operating System. Voice Print™ is a 32 bit multi-tasking and multi-threaded application, which means that each channel and function run independent of one another. If, for some reason, one of the processes fails, it does not affect the rest of the processes. (For instance: If one channel has a problem, the rest of the channels, database, archive and playback threads are unaffected and the single channel can be reset without re-starting the system or upsetting the rest of the recordings.)

Designed with High Security in Mind

The Voice Print™ platform can be configured to be compliant with Class C2 Security as defined by the U.S. Department of Defense, providing "discretionary" (need-to-know) protection through the inclusion of Audit capabilities for accountability. Voice Print™ also offers multiple login levels: Administration, Playback/Monitor and Monitor Only capabilities.


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