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Forensic Evidence Collection Kits 

Sex Crimes Evidence Collection Kits

Sexual assaults usually result in a physical struggle between the victim and the assailant. As a result of this struggle and the nature of sex crimes, physical evidence in some form is available to the investigator. SIRCHIE ®’s professionally designed and assembled sex crimes evidence collection kits ensure that the collection and preservation of sexual assault evidence is systematic, comprehensive and thorough.

Crime Scene DNA Evidence Collection Kits

The possibility of confirming an individual’s identity by DNA matching makes the collection of cellular material left at the crime scene mandatory. Each scene presents its own problems and unless the investigator is prepared to collect any and all potential sources of DNA, valuable evidence may be lost. The most frequent forms of forensic evidence available for DNA testing are fresh blood, semen, hair roots and clothing stained by physiological fluids. SIRCHIE®’s crime scene DNA evidence collection kits provide all the necessary materials required for the collection of this type of evidence.

Blood Alcohol/Urine Specimen Collection Kits

The blood alcohol/urine specimen collection kits are designed to provide for the safe and efficient collection, handling and mailing of blood and/or urine specimens. The kits feature step-by-step instructions, individually protected blood collection tubes and U.S. Postal Service-approved tube mailers.

Custom Kits

Recognizing that requirements for investigative procedures vary from state to state, we offer the option of manufacturing customized collection kits. We customize collection kits for sexual assault (victim and suspect), DNA, blood alcohol and urine samples. We maintain a complete graphic arts and printing facility to ensure the best quality, and fastest turn-around of your orders. A minimum of 100 kits is required for all custom orders.

Prices apply to USA and Canada only.  International contact factory or local in-country agent

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