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This is a comprehensive blood alcohol collection kit designed to provide for the safe and efficient collection, handling and mailing of blood specimens. The kit features step-by-step instructions, individually protected blood tubes and a U.S. Postal Service-approved tube mailer.

No. BSC100 consists of:

  • 1-No. 999311 FDA Manufacturer’s Insert
  • 2-No. ABU103 Blood Tube Integrity Seals
  • 1-No. BSC1001 Tube Address Label and Seal
  • 1-No. BSC1002 Police Officer’s Report
  • 1-No. BSC1003 Instruction Sheet
  • 1-No. BSC1004 Kit Tube, 5" 2 1/2" dia., Integrity-Sealed
  • 1-No. BSC101 Consent Form
  • 1-No. BSC102 Blood Collection Report
  • 1-No. KCP169 Multisample Needle, 20 ga. 1 1/2"
  • 2-No. KCP176 Blood Collection Tubes, 10 ml with Gray Top
  • 1-No. KCP177 Iodine Prep Pad, Medium
  • 1-No. KCP178 Liquids Absorber Packet
  • 1-No. KCP179 Holder for Mulitsample Needle and Tube
  • 1-No. KCP240 Tourniquet, Latex
  • 1-No. KCP241 Bag, LocTop, 6" 9" 0.004"



Product ID Description Price  
BSC100 Blood Specimen Collection Kit $6.95

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