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Sketches at the scene of the crime play a vital role in the investigation. The finished sketch gives a precise and permanent record of the facts found at the scene. A photograph is ordinarily a two-dimensional view of the scene and does not provide accurate information concerning distances between objects that are present at the scene and cannot be clearly understood unless the measured distances between these points are known. A finished drawing or rough sketch of the scene is the simplest and most effective way of showing actual measurements and of identifying important items of evidence at the location of the scene. Sketches are separated into three classes: 1) Rough sketch, 2) Finished sketch and 3) Scale drawing.

ROUGH SKETCH: The rough sketch is prepared by the investigator at the scene—but not until all photography has been completed and before any evidence has been collected. The sketch does not have to be drawn to scale but should include exact measurements of the surroundings and the location of evidence in relation to the victim’s location, or other important evidence.

FINISHED SKETCH: The finished sketch is a duplicate of the rough sketch prepared to scale by using layout templates and exact distances. When the finished sketch is completed, it should immediately be duplicated and forwarded to the proper authorities for safekeeping until the case is resolved.

SCALE DRAWING: A scale drawing is used primarily for courtroom presentation. It may be drawn to any scale chosen. The drawing should include all measurements of the rooms, furniture, walls, etc., but not the location of the evidence that has been recovered. When the drawing has been completed, a clear plastic overlay should be attached showing the location of the evidence in the room where it was found.



Catalog Number Description  
DK1 Crime Scene Drafting Kit
SK001 Squad Car Sketch Kit
SK1000 Master Crime Scene Sketch Kit
SK3000 Professional Crime Scene Sketch Kit

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