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Personal Property Inventory Bags

Pull plastic backing away from adhesive.

Fold the flap over the adhesive seal.

Remove the perforated inventory tab.


SIRCHIE®’s new personal property inventory bags are designed specifically for storing the personal property of those who are incarcerated. The 9" × 12" bags feature a tamperproof seal to ensure the integrity of all belongings. The seal creates a permanent lock which cannot be opened without de-stroying the bag. The bags are transparent for easily viewing the contents. Plus, the bags are pre-printed with an inventory label—specially treated to provide a textured, paper-like quality—so that the contents may be listed right on the bag. Made of heavy-duty, 3.8-mil-thick, multi-layer, coextruded polylefin film, the bags are lighter and stronger than paper and single-layer polyethylene films. The bags are tear- and puncture-resistant as well as water-resistant—additional safeguards against  damage to the property during storage. A perforated inventory tab attached to each bag will help keep track of the property. The tab may be removed easily and stored with the prisoner’s file. Available in quantities of 100, the personal property inventory bags are packaged in a convenient dispenser box for easy retrieval.

Catalog Number Description Price  
IEB9000 Personal Property Bags, 9" X 12", 100 ea. $38.50/100

Prices apply to USA and Canada only.  International contact factory or local in-country agent

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