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This is a complete, totally integrated identification camera stand that offers easy operation and guaranteed performance. The stand features a four-footed, cast iron base for stabilization and permanent mounting, if necessary. A height-lock mechanism moves vertically and features a Teflon locking collar. The stand is designed primarily for use with SIRCHIE’s identification camera systems, but adapts readily to any 35mm, 70mm, 4" 5" or 120- roll format-type cameras. It is an excellent choice for departments not requiring dedicated camera systems.

No. 827P Leading Particulars

  • Adaptable to any camera system
  • Easily transported to any location
  • Set-up time takes only seconds
  • Floating action, spring vertical movement
  • Rugged construction


No. 827 Specifications:

Height (floor to top of platform):

  • Min. 47.5"
  • Max. 65"
  • Total Travel 17.5"

Platform size:

  • 0.75" H 23.8" W 11.8" D

Distance from the centerline of the upright tubing to the end of the horizontal arm: 34.5" (special lengths may be ordered)

Manufacturing materials—

  • Locking nut: Aluminum, black anodized
  • Handle: Thermoset plastic, black
  • Base: Cast iron
  • Column: Steel tubing
  • Column top: Cast aluminum,tenzalloy
  • Platform head: Cast aluminum, tenzalloy
  • Locking collar: Teflon
  • Arm lock: Cast aluminum
  • Column springs: Spring steel
  • Arm: Aluminum tubing
  • Upright tubes: Aluminum tubing
  • Platform: Plastic laminated


Catalog Number Description Price  
827P Universal Photo Identification Stand $494.50
829P Universal Photo ID Stand with 837P Rotary ID Sign, Specify Heading $549.50
830P Universal Photo ID Stand w893P Electronic ID Sign, Specify Heading $599.50

Prices apply to USA and Canada only.  International contact factory or local in-country agent

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