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The FX8B Forensic Optical Comparator

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Leading Particulars

  •  Dual screen projections
  •  No image overlap
  •  Dual 300-watt quartz projection lamps
  •  Dual or simultaneous operation
  •  Adjustable focusing platforms
  •  Matched f/3.5 objective lenses
  •  Dual power magnification (6.5X and 10X)
  •  Sliding turret with pre-focused illumination
  •  Four-inch internal cooling fan
  •  Thermal cutoff of fan below 100° F
  •  Aluminum/steel construction
  •  Hardwood Formica®-covered base
  •  Easy access relamping doors
  •  Viewing screen 6 1/2" × 15"
  •  Sliding ambient light shield
  •  Overall Dimensions:20 1/2" × 18" × 20 1/4"
  •  Weight: 51.3 lbs.
  •  120 VAC 50/60 Hz operation (220Vavailable)


The examination of physical evidence demands a critical eye. Normally, such examination is a tedious, eye-straining chore since it usually requires hours of peering through a microscope or magnifier at evidence. The No. FX8B forensic optical comparator takes the tedium and eye-strain out of evidence examination and comparison. The No. FX8B puts the work up front, providing a clear, crisp, magnified image without requiring the examiner to peer through a lens. This unit is ideal for close, careful examination and comparison of physical evidence.

The No. FX8B is designed exclusively for operator convenience and performance. The No. FX8B features two projectors for a full-screen, side-by-side display of two images—without image overlap. Latent fingerprints may be compared with recorded prints; suspected counterfeit money may be compared with legal tender; and questioned documents and signatures may be compared with genuine articles. Two quartz projection lamps are controlled by individual front-panel switches for dual or single unit usage. Optics carried by the turret automatically provide appropriate surface illumination. Each lamp compartment is monitored by a thermal switch which allows the silent-run fan to continue to operate even after shut off. A matched pair of color-corrected, side-by-side f/3.5 objective lenses provide 6.5X and 10X magnification. Control knobs raise and lower the unit’s two surface platforms for image focusing.


Catalog Number Description Price  
FX8B Forensic Optical Comparator $1,645.00
FX8B220 Forensic Optical Comparator, 220 VAC $1,690.00
FX8BHSL Heat Absorbing Lens for FX8B $25.50
FX8BSW Toggle Switch (On/Off) for FX8B $29.50
FX8BVS Viewing Screen for FX8B $34.50
SFL1091 Projection Lamp, 300 Watt, for FX8B $29.95

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