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FX10 Forensic Video-Based Comparator

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Above are photographs of actual fingerprint displays from an FX10. The topmost display is a single fingerprint image projected full-screen. The other display is a split-screen projection of two prints shown side- by-side. The magnification of each image may be individually controlled within a range of 3.5 power to 27 power.


The SIRCHIE FX-10 Forensic Video-Based Comparator utilizes two matched video cameras and a digital video splitter to display objects an a video monitor. Camera images may be presented split side by side on the screen, or they may be presented independently at full screen size, The user may adjust the video display image position, size and balance. Through the video out terminal of either the comparator or the video monitor, the output of the unit (as seen on the video monitor) may be sent to a video recorder or to a computer system equipped with a video capture board for capture and further enhancement.

The cameras feature automatic gain control to ensure optimum images in varied lighting. Zoom magnifications range continuously from ~5X to ~59X power with the monitor supplied. Images remain in sharp focus throughout the zoom range (no refocusing required). Dual 20-watt circular fluorescent lamps offer bright, cool, shadow-free illumination, extremely long lamp life and inexpensive bulb replacement. Adjustable platforms allow for the observation and comparison of three-dimensional evidence by correcting for the height of objects of evidence.



  • Power Source: 120V, 60Hz, AC
  • Video Input Jacks: (3) 1V p-p 75 ohm, BNC connectors
  • Audio Input Jacks (3) 500mV rms, RCA connectors
  • S-Video Input Jack: S-Video (Y-C) connector
  • Video Monitor Output Jack: BNC connector
  • Audio Monitor Output Jack: RCA connector
  • Video Throughout Jacks: (3) BNC connectors
  • Audio Throughout Jacks: (3) RCA connectors
  • S-Video Throughout Jacks: S-Video (Y-C) connectors
  • Earphone Jack (13" models only): 1/8" mini plug type
  • Closed Caption Display



  • Type: Black and White Interline Transfer CCD, 512 X 492 pixels
  •  Sensitivity: 0.3 lux
  •  Resolution: 550 horizontal lines
  •  TV System: EIA Standard
  •  Zoom Ratio: Approx. 8X
  •  Aperture: F7 (wide angle) - F10 (telephoto)
  •  Image Format: 1/3" 4.8mm x 3.6mm ( 6mm), 1/2" 6.4mm x 4.8mm ( 8mm)
  •  Working Distance: 127mm - 500mm (distance betweenobject and first lens element)
  •  Effective Diameter: Front 25mm Rear: 15mm
  •  Lens Construction: 7G 10E
  •  Back Focus: 19.8mm at working distance 235mm
  •  Flange Back: 12.5mm CS-Mount
  •  Filter Size: M40.5mm x P0.5
  •  Dimensions: 149.5mm x 46mm
Catalog Number Description Price  
FX10 Video-Based Optical Comparator $5,495.00

Prices apply to USA and Canada only.  International contact factory or local in-country agent

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