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FC281 Fingerprint Comparator

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The No. FC281 is a professional-quality optical comparator designed for comparing fingerprints, handwriting specimens and other items at an affordable price. This unit is portable (weight 28lbs.,6oz.) And features dual optics (f/2.8 projection lenses, providing 6x magnification), rack- and-pinion focus, a dual-image viewing screen (6 1/2" x 9 1/2") and a built-in ambient light shield. It can project images from a variety of sources including photographs, tape lifts, hinge lifters (transparent or opaque), rubber lifters and standard 8"x8" record cards. A transparent Plexiglas hold-plate permits exact location of any object-or any object may be palced over the hold plate. Irregular or curves surfaces also may be viewed by holding them in place over the optic target hole and focusing. An internal exhaust fan keeps the projection lamp cool, ensuring maximum lamp life.
Catalog Number Description Price  
FC281 Search Fingerprint Comparator $895.00
CGPCGS Bulb Only for FC281 $32.45

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