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BLUEMAXX™ System 600 Forensic Light

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The SIRCHIEо No. BM600 is a high-powered, tripod-mountable, portable forensic blue light source which utilizes an AC power supply. The No. BM600 is especially useful for extended crime scene searches and photography because it does not require any batteries. Crime scene photography is enhanced thanks to the No. BM600’s high-light-output levels. An intensity control allows the user to customize the light level for individual needs. The No. BM600 is supplied with a standard 120-volt or 220-volt power supply unit, depending on the unit chosen. The No. BM600 kit is supplied with the No. BM600 light source packaged in a rugged copolymer carrying case


Catalog Number Description Price  
BM600 BLUEMAXX 600, 115 VAC Model $236.50
BM600220 BLUEMAXX 600, 220 VAC Model $259.50

Prices apply to USA and Canada only.  International contact factory or local in-country agent

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