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BLUEMAXX™ Rechargeable Forensic Light
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The No. BM500 is pictured with an optional carrying case.

No. BM500 Specifications:
  • Bulb Type: 6-volt, 10-watt halogen module with precision parabolic reflector
  • Reflector: Parabolic, calibrated for 5"-8" spot at 10 feet
  • Beam Pattern: Spot
  • Maximum Output: Up to 30,000 candle-power
  • Length: 13.5" (343 mm)
  • Weight With Battery: 1 lb. 10 oz. (737 g)
  • Switch: Ball-bearing operated, beryllium-copper contacts
  • Battery: Nickel cadmium–5 cell, 1/2 "D" battery stick
  • Charge Rate: 220 milliamperes typical
  • Charge Time: 12-14 hours typical
  • Case Composition (flange): Cycolac–T grade black ABS plastic with smooth finish
  • Case Composition (barrel): Cycolac–GSE grade black ABS plastic with medium diamond knurl
  • Construction: Weatherproof seals at all connecting points
  • Battery Contacts: Plated coil spring
  • Excitation Filter: All-dielectric coating, extremely durable when exposed to humidity, heat, thermal shock and abrasion, meets or exceeds MIL-C-675A and MIL-M-13508C specifications
  • Barrier Filter: Acrylic, selected for its spectral characteristics and durability, 4.2" 7.7"
  • Construction: Black ABS "sleeve" type
  • Power source: Input–120 VAC, 60 Hz.
  • Charging Indicator: Red LED
  • Output: 12 VDC, 300 ma.




This powerful, rechargeable forensic light source features a halogen lamp and a high-capacity battery. It is a super-effective, fully self-contained system, requiring no additional light source or filter. The No. BM500 is supplied complete with matched barrier and excitation filters. This is a one-hand, easy-to-use unit, making it ideal for both fluorescent photography and investigation. A 110-volt or 220-volt charging unit is included, depending on which is specified. A full charge delivers a running time of approximately 1 1/2 hours. 

No. BM500 consists of: 

  • 1-No. BM501 Lamp Module
  • 1-No. PL20P Rechargeable Pro-Light™ Flashlight
  • 1-No. BMS102 Barrier Filter for Pro-Light™
  • 1-No. BMF102 Excitation Filter for Pro-Light™
  • 1-No. BM502 Charger Housing
  • 1-No. BM503 Charger/Transformer, 110 Volt
  • 1-No. BM505 NiCad Battery Stick, 6.0 Volt
Catalog Number Description Price  
BM500 BLUEMAXX Rechargable Forensic Light $197.95
BM500220 BLUEMAXX Rechargable Forensic Light, w 220 VAC Charger $197.95
BM500CC Case for BM500 $37.50

Prices apply to USA and Canada only.  International contact factory or local in-country agent

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