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Latent Print Kits



Catalog Number Description  
MFC100 Patrol Latent Print Kit
157L Detective Pocket Latent Kit
175L Latent Print Technician Kit
176L Scott Latent Print Kit
PC100 Powder Foam-Away, 16 oz.
160L Sweeper Magnetic Latent Print Kit
ASP150 Adhesive Side Powder Kit
SPR300 Small Particle Reagent (SPR) Kit, 3-500ml BOTTLES
LPF100 Iodine Fuming Kit
PLP100 Professional Latent Print Kit
KHC500 Hunter Latent Print Kit
LPS100 Latent Print Search Kit
FLP100 Finder III Latent Print Kit
MEL500 Master Expert Latent Print Kit
SEC500 Master Pocket Latent Print Kit
SEC600 Multi-Process Latent Print Kit
177L Search II Latent Print Kit
LP301A All-Purpose Police Field Kit, Slab, Ink & Roller
LP301B All-Purpose Police Field Kit, Porelon®
LP304 Burglary Squad Kit
SLP900 Signat Fingerprint Investigation Kit
LPS800 Latent Print Finder Kit
CS800 Crime Scene Latent Print Kit
LP303A Latent Print Specialist Kit
MLP2020A Master Latent Print Investigation Kit
355TYPE2 Type II Burglary Fingerprint ID Kit, Mil Spec
355TYPE3 Type III Postmortem Fingerprint ID Kit, Mil Spec
NYPD5 Advanced Response Kit
ETK1 Evidence Technician I Kit

Prices apply to USA and Canada only.  International contact factory or local in-country agent

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