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Melles Griot  Omnipoint 1000A Alternate Light Source

The Melles Griot Omniprint 1000A is a tunable wavelength source of light for forensic examination. The light is delivered by a six-foot fiber-optic cable at six user-selectable wavelength bands. There is a choice of four narrow band and two wideband output wavelengths each of which can be easily and rapidly selected with a rotary switch on the front panel. Indicator lights located on the front panel easily identify the wavelength band in use. The narrow band filters transmit at 450 nm, 485 nm, 525 nm, 570 nm. The two wideband wavelengths are white light and all wavelengths less than 530 nm. This wavelength selection affords the convenience of using established chemical processing techniques giving the user more diverse and discrete fluorescence capability and allowing rapid optimization of evidence contrast. The Melles Griot Omniprint 1000A is powered by a commercially available state-of-the-art, 400-watt, high-intensity, blue enhanced metal vapor arc discharge lamp. The arc lamp lifetime exceeds 1500 hours—the longest lifetime available in a forensic light source. The light is supplied through a six-foot fiber-optic cable with an adjustable focus handpiece. The Melles Griot Omniprint 1000A weighs only 15 pounds and can be operated on either 115- or 220-volt standard household current for operation anywhere in the world.

Leading features:

  •  Hands-free operation: unit can be mounted on a tripod for large area illumination
  •  Portability: Melles Griot Omniprint 1000A can be operated from an extension cord and/or portable generator
  •  Lightweight: 15 lbs

Unit consists of:

  •  Rugged aircraft aluminum case
  •  Control panel with detailed operating instructions
  •  Variable light output control
  •  Forced air cooled system
  •  6 Output wavelength selections 570 nm, 530 nm, 525 nm, 485 nm, 450 nm as well as ultraviolet and infrared options
  •  White light
  •  Optional 10mm liquid light guide
  •  Rugged, flexible 6-foot fiber optic delivery cable, 10mm diameter or 6-foot liquid light guide
  •  Smooth exterior allows for decontamination
  •  8-foot power cord
  •  Tri-pod ready mount
  •  User accessible fan filtration system for cleaner optics
  •  Fully interlocked quick change lamp mount
  •  2 spare lamps
  •  2 pair forensic examination goggles—amber
  •  1-pair forensic examination goggles—red
  •  1-pair forensic examination goggles—yellow
Catalog Number Description Price  
OMNI1000 Omniprint 1000 Alternate Light Source $7,800.00
OMNIGD Omniprint Liquid Light Guide $1,000.00
OPBLUB Omniprint Arc Lamp $350.00

Prices apply to USA and Canada only.  International contact factory or local in-country agent

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