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Fiber Optics Illuminator











about THE SYSTEM …

SIRCHIE engineers have created the ultimate laboratory aid. The No. FX4 with its extended viewing range–2.375x to 48x magnification*—small and large objects are easily examined. Ruggedly constructed from the finest materials available, the No. FX4 Forensic Macro Video System outclasses any device in its field. Operation is straightforward with all controls within comfortable reach. Once switched on, the only adjustments needed are raising or lowering the motor-driven camera head, then focus the lens and zoom to the desired magnification. Imagine being able to view a latent print from full size to the point where ridges measure almost a half-inch wide on the TV monitor. In ridgeology studies, it becomes possible to actually count the pores along a ridge and measure the distance between them. Eyestrain will be a thing of the past. The black and white TV camera is state-of-the-art with a 0.3-lux rating and the built-in fluorescent lighting provides diffuse, bright, easy-on-the-eyes illumination. In addition to the forensic lighting,the No. FX4 features a high-intensity fiber-optic lighting system. This is especially useful when working under full magnification and the adjustable fiber optic tubes permit manipulating the light beam to create shadow detail on three-dimensional objects. Details of toolmarks, plaster and silicone casts jump right off the surface permitting quick and positive identification. The system works well in brightly lighted laboratory conditions. Simply put, the No. FX4 is a marvel of engineering and may virtually eliminate the need for many types of crime laboratory microscopes—and their inherent difficulties—that are used for forensic examination of physical evidence.


  • No. FX4 Fiber Optics Illuminator
  • Output: 250 watt/115 VAC single port
  • Output Intensity: 50% to 100% adjustable
  • Cooling Fan: Internal, high volume
  • Power Switch: ON/OFF rocker
  • Material: Aluminum-alloy housing, powder-painted finish
  • Dimensions: 9" L x 4.62" H x 6" D
  • Weight: 7 lbs.

The No. FX4 system includes:

  •  stand
  •  motor drive
  •  housing containing b&w camera and lighting
  •  fiber-optic illuminator
  •  power cable
  •  complete instructions
  • Monitor and digital recorder purchased separately.
  • Latent blood print on paper



Product ID Description Price  
FX4 Forensic Macro Video System $5,995.00

Prices apply to USA and Canada only.  International contact factory or local in-country agent

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