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Recording Physical Evidence using 35mm Film
SIRCHIE has developed a high-resolution video recording system that quickly attaches to the filter assembly. Using the macro attachment supplied with the system, attach the camera to the proper filter assembly, focus and begin recording. Results may be recorded on videotape, displayed on a video monitor or downloaded into a computer equipped with a video capture board. Results may then be transmitted via e-mail or the internet to other agencies. A hardcopy is made using the optional video printer .
Recording physical evidence such as latent prints, physiological fluids and various chemical stains becomes a routine exercise when using the FF100 system. Equipment required includes a 35mm camera body (customer-supplied) with built-in light metering, a normal (50mm) lens with a 52mm filter thread (other sizes available), the 52mm macro adapter supplied with the system and color negative or slide film. With the proper filter assembly in place, the technician locates any potential evidence through the eyepiece viewer. The eye-piece is then removed and the macro attachment is screwed into its place. After attaching the camera to the macro adapter, the technician centers the object in the camera viewfinder, focuses the lens, chooses the proper exposure and snaps the shutter.



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FF120 Forensic Fluorescence Light Kit $994.95

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