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The SceneSweeper™ Argon
Laser is the size of a small overnight case, it weighs 29 pounds and operates on standard 120 volt AC household power. This rugged compact design allows you to use the SceneSweeper™ Argon Laser wherever you need it.

Multiple Wavelengths
Unlike other lasers, the SceneSweeper™ Argon Laser offers four different wavelength selections: 457 nanometers (long-wave ultraviolet), 488 nanometers (blue), 514 nanometers (green) and <515 nanometers (blue-green). This allows you to match the wavelength to the search type. Furthermore, it enables you to choose the wavelength that provides the greatest brightness for locating the sample and then switch to a wavelength that pro-vides the brightest contrast for photographing the evidence.

Adjustable Intensity
The SceneSweeper™ Argon Laser provides better intensity control than any other light source. You can turn it down to as low as about 30 milliwatts which will enhance photographic detail by providing better contrast between the sample and the background or you can turn it up to about 400 milliwatts two sweep a scene and locate any and all fluorescing evidence.

20’ Fiber Delivery
The SceneSweeper™ Argon Laser delivers its energy through a single 0.40 diameter glass fiber. Because the laser beam can be focused into a single fiber, unlike alternative light sources, its energy can be transmitted great distances without significant power losses. The SceneSweeper™ Argon Laser comes standard with a 20-foot long fiber for portability, however, custom-length fibers are available in any desired length. The fiber is protected by a Kevlar® sheath and a flexible stainless steel tube that is a mere 0.375 inches in diameter. The 20-foot fiber allows you to set the laser down in the middle of a room and process the entire room from end to end without having to move the laser. In the laboratory, you do not need to bring all of the evidence to one cluttered spot—you simply take the handpiece to the spot where you want to process the evidence.

 Remote Control Handpiece
The remote control handpiece contains all of the laser controls and they are right at your fingertips. You can control laser operation, laser intensity and wavelength selection without having to go back to the laser. You can increase and/or decrease intensity of the laser and simultaneously change wavelengths without ever moving your eyes off of the evidence. There is no chance of losing evidence due to shifting your view. The remote control handpiece comes with a non-slip grip and ready to mount to a tripod when needed.

Beam Focusing
The remote control handpiece incorporates a set of zoom-type projection optics. At arms length from a wall you can have a light spot 3 feet in diameter to search for evidence and upon seeing potential evidence, with a twist of your wrist, you can focus the spot to 1-2 inches in diameter and focus all of the SceneSweeper™ Argon Laser’s energy onto the suspected evidence. When you combine this feature with the adjustable intensity feature you have the ability to place exactly the right amount of energy on the sample to produce the greatest contrast for photography and evidence processing. Without these two powerful features, it is virtually impossible to get the best contrast. By controlling the intensity of the laser and light beam diameter, you have absolute control over how many watts per square centimeter strike the sample. Watts per square centimeter will determine sample brightness, contrast, and ease of sample retrieval.

Spot Diffuser
The spot diffuser softens the output light even more. Softening
the light enables you to find trace evidence that absorbs light rather than fluoresces light, such as blood spatters. The diffuser also assists in camera focusing in certain situations.

Ballistics Attachment
The remote control handpiece produces a 1-inch diameter beam that can be used to trace ballistics over short distances (up to 75 feet) very quickly and conveniently. For longer range and more intricate ballistic traces the SceneSweeper™ Argon Laser comes ready to accept a ballistics attachment capable of tracing ballistics in excess of 1,000 yards. When the ballistics attachment is in place it generates a laser line onto a protractor that is printed on the front of the laser case. This allows you to set the vertical angle. A knob and protractor on the back of the attachment allow you to set the horizontal angle. By combining both of these protractors into the same unit you are able to set compound angles simply and very quickly. Additionally, the SceneSweeper™ Argon Laser puts out an amount of power that is 10 or more times powerful than anything on the market.


The SceneSweeper™ Argon Laser is an exceptionally versatile fingerprint detection instrument. The variety of wavelengths produced by the SceneSweeper™ Argon Laser allows it to illuminate virtually all of the fluorescing powders and cyanoacrylate dyes. The SceneSweeper™ Argon Laser excels by providing you with the ability to control light intensity and beam size via the remote handpiece controls. By controlling both of these features across the various wavelengths available, you will be able to provide the optimum intensity to produce the greatest contrast. With the perfect contrast provided by the SceneSweeper™ Argon Laser intricate pore detail can often be obtained. The exceptional light control abilities and versatility of the SceneSweeper™ Argon Laser makes it the finest fingerprint instrument available.


Because the SceneSweeper™ Argon Laser produces a beam of coherent light it is a natural for ballistic tracing. Nothing else can fill this need and there are no other lasers in the forensic market that do the ballistics tracing job better, easier or faster than the SceneSweeper™ Argon Laser, simply the finest tool for ballistic tracing. The remote control handpiece produces a one-inch diameter beam that can be used quickly and accurately to trace ballistics in short distance scenarios (up to 75 feet). For longer distances and intricate traces, the ballistics attachment will provide a one-millimeter beam that is visible in excess of 1,000 yards. The SceneSweeper™ Argon Laser comes standard with a level and tripod mount for quick ballistics setup. When the ballistic attachment is installed, compound angles can be ‘dialed’ in by way of its two protractors quickly and accurately. The SceneSweeper™ Argon Laser is clearly the finest ballistic tracing instrument available.

General Specifications
  • Laser Type: Argon Ion—air cooled
  • Laser Tube Type: Integral Mirror, Ceramic/Metal
  • Laser Power: 400 mW
  • Wavelength: 457 nm - 514 nm, adjustable
  • Output Power Stability: +/- 5%
  • Power Calibration: +/- 10% Internal
  • Delivery System: Fused Silica Fiber Optic
  • Power Control: 30-400 mW User selectable
  • Laser Tube Warranty: 2000 hours
Electrical Specifications
  • Uses any standard commercial wall outlet
  • Voltage: 120 VAC
  • Current: 20 AMP

Physical Specifications:

  • Unit Dimensions: 16" L x 9" W x 11" H
  • Laser Weight: 29 lbs.
  • Shipping Weight: 

Catalog Number Description Price  
SSAL100 Scene Sweeper Argon Laser $12,995.00
SSAL100BA Scene Sweeper Argon Laser Ballistics Attachment $975.00
SSAL1001 Glasses, Amber $20.00
SSAL1002 Glasses, Yellow $31.00
SSAL1003 Glasses, Red $20.00
SSAL1004 Glasses, Amber Shield $13.00

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