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Working smarter...

SIRCHIE® ’s growing family of sophisticated software products offer benefits no department can afford to ignore.


  • COMPHOTOFIT ® PLUS 4.0 for DOS, a worthy successor to the enormously popular V3.0 facial identification software, is noted for composites that are often mistaken for mugshots.
  • COMPHOTOFIT ® +COLOR for Windows®, is a powerful computerized facial identification program that aids in the identification of unknown suspects. It’s the latest in technology from SIRCHIE® which utilizes multiple databases of photographic images of facial features for use in constructing a likeness of a suspect from a witness description. Easily create startlingly realistic full color composite images of photo-graphic quality to aid you in your department investigations.
  •  Crime and traffic scene symbol libraries… Using the precision of a CAD program and the exacting detail of our symbols libraries, you can create highly accurate and precisely scaled scene sketches in the level of detail that you desire on a PC. Each library includes numerous symbols commonly used for each type of scene drawing.

Efficiency ...

 The common theme to SIRCHIE® ’s software products is simplified operation for uniformly excellent results from officers of any skill level.

Prices apply to USA and Canada only.  International contact factory or local in-country agent

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