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COMPHOTOFIT ® +COLOR is a powerful computerized facial identification program that operates under the Windows ® 3.1 (or later) operating system. It's the latest in technology from SIRCHIE ® , the company which has revolutionized the composite software industry.
 Like its predecessor
COMPHOTOFIT ® PLUS—the industry standard until now—COMPHOTOFIT ® +COLOR utilizes multiple databases of photographic images of facial features. Features can be viewed on screen and assembled into startlingly realistic color or grayscale composite images.
 Composites are created by combining various features in any combination from the various data-bases. Each database features hundreds of facial components—offering an unlimited number of possible combinations. Features can be positioned, sized, moved, copied and modified. Change individual features or the entire image. Adjust skin tones or age an image. Remove a black eye, a distracting background or add accessories, such as glasses. Use features from the expansive database or create your own (with the capture option).
 Print high-resolution composites on a Windows
® -supported printer (color or grayscale), fax them or export them for use in popular graphics/paint programs. Images can be printed on any Windows ® -supported printer (color or grayscale). By default, composite images are printed at 3" x 4". However, images may be enlarged and printed. And a "maintain aspect" feature ensures that enlarged images are properly proportioned when printed. Before printing, you may move the composite anywhere on the page and size it to fit your specifications. The software is compatible with a variety of Windows ® -supported software applications for building and printing wanted posters with composite images. The most exciting new option available with COMPHOTOFIT® +COLOR is the capture mode—utilizing Twain-compliant software—which gives you the ability to create your own database.
 Through the capture mode, you can import your agency’s mugshot images (derived from negatives, slides or prints) from a film or flatbed scanner and you can load BMP, TGA, TIFF or PCX images into a working window for further manipulation. Once you've imported the image, you can "capture" any or all of the features and accessories from that image to create a personal composite database. Using the capture feature is not only a great way to expand your existing database, but it's also a way to reflect the ethnic diversity in your community and keep your database from becoming outdated.


Minimum Hardware Requirements:                                        

  • Processor: Intel 80386 or compatible
  • Video Display: SVGA monitor, IBM register
  • SVGA card capable of 64K colors
  • Operating System: Windows 3.1 or later
  • Free Disk Space (Hard Drive): 100 MB minimum
  • Memory: 8 MB (RAM) minimum
  • Mouse: Microsoft mouse or compatible
  • Printer: Any printer supported by Windows ® and
  • capable of graphics output.

Leading Particulars

  • Hundreds of black and Caucasian male and female components (facial features) supplied
  • Utilizes photographic images (not clay blobs)
  • Offers maximum portability—install on laptop computers for use at locations other than the office, such as crime scenes and hospitals
  • Create 24-bit color or grayscale images
  • Paint tools allow you to alter images in a variety of ways—from adjusting skin tone to adding wrinkles and scars
  • Forty-six brushes and a brush-bristle density option allow you to create interesting special effects, such as beard stubble
  • Magnify the image up to 20x for maximum detail
  • Print on any Windows ® -supported color or black and white graphics printer
  • Capable of printing high-resolution images
  • Print "wanted posters"—with or without a border
  • Composites may be printed in color and/or black and white, depending on the printer

COMPHOTOFIT ® +COLOR comes with:

  • -Software on 3.5" floppy disk, CDROM or Zip™disk (please specify)
  • -Image index
  • -Manual
  • -Training Video




Product ID Description Price  
CCPLS1000L comPHOTOfit +COLOR Facial Identification Software $2,995.00
CCPLS3000L comPHOTOfit +COLOR Facial Identification Software with Capture $3,990.00
CCID200 comPHOTOfit +COLOR, Latin American Males $895.00
CCPLS1000LL comPHOTOfit +COLOR Lease/Purchase Option $750.00/year

Prices apply to USA and Canada only.  International contact factory or local in-country agent

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