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The MI55 is the ultimate in personal metal detection offering unparalleled performance and dependability in an attractive, easy-to-use, billy-club configuration. Ideal for use in courthouses, prison systems, schools, or corporate complexes, the SEARCHBATON™’s 360-degree search capability allows for rapid and effective searches without having to be held at specific angles like conventional metal detectors require. The internal ferromagnetic transceiver module detects metal equally in a 360-degree field perpendicular to the unit and requires no tuning or operator adjustment as it is completely self-tuning. Momentary or sustained operation is available by use of the dual-action power switch. Metal detection is clearly indicated both visually and audibly by the internal audible alarm and the red LED indicator. It is extremely sensitive and commands respect by its very appearance. Housed in a machined, weatherproof ABS extruded plastic barrel with comfortable knurled hand grip and wrist strap, the SEARCHBATON™ provides service for the most demanding environments.

Leading Particulars

  •  Ferromagnetic Transceiver Module: Provides a full 360 search area
  •  Construction: High-impact, knurled ABS thermo-plastic
  •  Power Source: Single, standard 9-volt alkaline battery (No. MI55) or single, 9-volt nickel-cadmium (No. MI55RE)
  • Size: 1 3/4" (44 mm) diameter 15 1/2" (394 mm)
  • long
  •  Weight: Approximately 1 lb. (1/2 kg)
  •  Circuitry: Integrated circuit technology; transmit/receive, self-balancing, internally shielded
  •  Detection Sensitivity: Minimum of 0.09 g
  •  Alarm Indicators: Audible—3.3 kHz, fixed, internal visual—external red LED
  •  Standby Current: 13 milliamps typical
  •  Momentary On or Continuous operation
  •  Comfortable hand grip and weight distribution
  •  Battery Life: 27 hours (MI55); 5 hours (MI55RE) rechargeable



Product ID Description Price  
MI55 Search Baton Metal Detector $169.95
MI55RE Search Baton Metal Detector $199.50

Prices apply to USA and Canada only.  International contact factory or local in-country agent

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