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This unit is a compact, lightweight, durable and easy-to-operate hand-held metal detector for use in detecting metal objects on a person’s body. It is ideally suited for use in any security situation. One simple tuning control allows adjustment for various sizes of metal objects and situations, depending upon specific needs. The SEARCHALERT ® is capable of detecting a paper clip from two inches away, or, with a quick adjustment of the control, smaller objects such as loose change or keys can be easily bypassed, and metal objects of larger size only will be detected. Physical contact is not necessary on body searches due to the pinpoint accuracy of the unique case-mounted Faraday-shielded search coil. The SEARCHALERT ® detects all metals, both ferrous and nonferrous, and produces both a visual and audible alarm with its built-in 2 1/4" speaker and case-mounted LED. For private alarm indication, the optional earphone attachment (MI45E) ensures that only the operator is aware of the alarm by disabling the speaker and LED and channeling all audio directly to the earphone. A rechargeable nickel-cadmium model (MI45RE) is available.

Leading Particulars

  • • Construction: Rugged ABS thermoplastic injection-molded case
  • • Power Source: One 9-volt alkaline battery (MI45 and MI45E); one 9-
  • volt NiCad battery with 110 VAC charger (MI45RE)
  • • Size: 12 1/4" long × 2 3/4" wide × 2" deep
  • • Weight: 11 oz.
  • • Operation: Single-control tuning, on/off switch
  • • Alarms: Audible: (internal), 2 1/4" dia. speaker (all models); (external)
  • earphone and jack (MI45E only); visual: case-mounted red LED
  • • Circuitry: All solid state, internally shielded, beat frequency oscillator
  • • Detection Sensitivity: Minimum of 0.1 g
  • • Operating Frequency: 70 kHz
  • • Audio Frequency: 0 Hz to 10 kHz
  • • Standby Current: 12 ma typical
  • • Battery Life (typical): 24-30 hours (MI45 and MI45E);
  • 5-7 hours (MI45RE)
  • • Carrying Case: Lined vinyl holster with belt clip



Product ID Description Price  
M145 SearchAlert Metal Detector $129.95
M145E SearchAlert Metal Detector $139.50
M145RE SearchAlert Metal Detector $164.95

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