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The SIRCHIE® letterbomb detector is specifically designed to counter the increasing menace of terrorism for both corporate and government installations. Its unique design incorporates a freestanding structure comprised of a highly sensitive, self-tuning, balanced induction coil system spanning the entire width of the sloping letter chute. Factory alignment procedures ensure optimum performance at all times. Visual and audible alarm indicators provide attention-getting notice of metal detected. The LW101W is sensitive enough to detect the presence of a staple, ensuring rigid screening practices. Operation consists of allowing a suspect letter to slide across the surface chute. If metal is detected in the letter, a visual and audible alarm will be activated. The unit is fully automatic, requiring no operator adjustment and operates on 110 VAC, 220 VAC or its own internal battery source for stand-alone, field operation, switch selectable at base of unit.

The LW101W letterbomb detector screens oversize pouches.

Leading Particulars

  •  Construction: 5052-H32 Aluminum chassis and stands, gray Formica® -laminated particle board side panels and letter chute
  •  Power Source: 110 VAC 60 Hz, 220 VAC 50/60 Hz, 8 "D" cell alkaline batteries
  •  Dimensions: 14" long × 12" high (mounted on stands)
  •  Weight: 10 lbs. 8 oz.
  •  Circuitry: All solid-state, balanced-induction, self-tuning, internally shielded
  •  Operating Frequency: 75 kHz
  •  Alarm indicators: Audible— Sonalert @ 96 db.; visual—green ready light, red alarm light
  •  Current draw: 100 ma.
  •  Battery Life (typical): 90 hrs.
  •  Detection Sensitivity: Minimum of 0.2 g


Product ID Description Price  
LW101W Letterbomb Detector $595.00
LW101W220V Letterbomb Detector, 220 VAC $625.00

Prices apply to USA and Canada only.  International contact factory or local in-country agent

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