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For the protection of evidence and personnel:

cross contamination

putrid odors

harmful bacteria and viruses

fingerprint developing chemicals and powders

SIRCHIE Finger Print Laboratories, Inc. can provide your department with equipment for the preservation, drying and protection of important evidence from cross contamination. Our line of forensic evidence drying cabinets also protects your personnel from exposure to putrid odors due to decomposition and infectious pathogens. SIRCHIE s ductless forensic work stations are helpful in the elimination of gases, vapors and particulate matter during processing evidence with powders, iodine, ninhydrin, DFO and cyanoacrylate. The workstations are excellent for drug identification where solvents and ethers are used in extractions to determine drug purity. A major advantage is no expensive duct work is necessary for installation, which gives your department flexibility in its location. Maintaining a clean work area is vital during PCR (polymerase chain reaction) preparation. SIRCHIE also has a PCR workstation. It is a state-of-the-art product for conducting these types of sensitive forensic operations. SIRCHIE s forensic containment products meet and exceed OSHA and ANSI Z9.5 standards and guidelines.


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