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 Protect yourself and your evidence from infectious pathogens and noxious odors while reducing possible cross-contamination of evidence. Dry and store evidence with SIRCHIE Forensic Evidence Drying Cabinet. The cabinet protects your evidence from airborne particulate and cross-contamination while eliminating personnel exposure to putrid odors of decomposition and harmful bacteria or viruses. The unit is configured to clean the incoming "drying" air through pre-filtration and then filter the cabinet exhaust air through a combination of bonded carbon and HEPA filtration. Decontamination of the SIRCHIE evidence drying cabinet between cases eliminates residual DNA that may affect subsequent serology. SIRCHIE offers a highly effective decontamination spray kit that will provide high-level disinfection of the cabinet. This spray also will help remove harmful pathogens from prefilters and HEPA filters. SIRCHIE 's special bonded carbon filters are designed to remove the active (noncarcinogenic) ingredients in the SIRCHIE spray-down solution. Prior to decontamination the hose-down nozzle may be used to remove gross matter. Interior shelves also may be removed for either high-temperature sterilization or low-temperature, high-level disinfection. The unit may be connected directly to a fixed drainage system, or the optional automatic pump may be added to the system for disposal convenience. The drying cabinet can be outfitted with the AirSafe™ controller which adds many power features to the cabinet including:
  •  Timing of evidence drying cycle
  •  Monitoring of main HEPA filter life
  •  Automatic pump control and timing
  •  Automatic "lockout" feature ensures use of correct filters
  •  Cabinet use validation including cabinet hours
  •  Self diagnostic ensures safe operation
  •  Two-speed automatic blower setting with user pre-set low speed from 0-100% of blower max! Allows for user control of drying time.

Leading Particulars:

  • All white structural polypropylene construction—the material of choice for hospital disinfection areas and pharmaceutical "clean" applications—NO MORE RUST!
  • Exhaust air is HEPA-filtered to remove viral and bacterial pathogens plus other particulates to 99.997% efficiency at 0.3 microns
  • Carbon filtration removes putrid odors and other gases. No after filter is required since the unit uses a unique bonded carbon filter—NO FILTER DUST!
  • Automatic two-speed operation increases airflow to maximum when doors are opened
  •  Easily cleaned to prevent cross contamination between cases and evidence
  •  Custom shelves and drying racks available
  •  Locking front doors of 3/8" Lexan™
  •  Filter monitors indicate when to change door pre-filter and main HEPA filter. Safety alarms will warn of low airflow
  • Units are available in standard 30-inch and 60-inch widths with 24" or 28"depths. No ducting required. Unit operates from a standard 110V electrical outlet
  • Optional automatic waste pump to remove waste water up to 200 feet from cabinet



Product ID Description Price  
ACEVD30A Forensic Evidence Drying Cabinet, 30 inch W/Controller $7,900.00
ACEVD60A Forensic Evidence Drying Cabinet, 60 inch W/Controller $11,950.00
ACEVD10 Removalbe Shelves For ACEVD, each $90.00

Prices apply to USA and Canada only.  International contact factory or local in-country agent

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