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Multi-purpose cabinet which protects operator and environment from typical forensic applications.
The advanced forensic workstation is designed for those laboratories that don’t want to change filters between applications. With the dual filter bed, the AC6200 is the perfect choice for those departments who process a large volume of evidence with powder and chemicals. Simply stack a HEPA filter, with an electrostatically charged pre-filter attached, in the bottom of the unit and place a bonded chemically absorbent carbon filter on top to complete the basic forensic application configuration. The AC6200 also has a large vertical workspace to accommodate a microscope or a fuming stand. The unit is available in a manual dual-speed configuration as well as with the AirSafe™ Automatic Controller.

Outside: 32"W x 42"H x 26"D Inside: 31"W x 27"H x 25"D

Shipping Weight: 160 lbs.


  •  Large vertical workspace
  •  360 visibility for ease of use
  •  Dual speed or automatic controller to maintain airflow
  •  Integral base constructed of polypropylene
  •  Extremely quiet operation
  •  Meets OSHA & ANZI Z9.5 standard and guide-lines
  •  No installation cost




Product ID Description Price  
AC6200 32" Advanced Forensics Workstation, with Two-Speed Controller $1,995.00
AC6200A 32" Advanced Forensics Workstation, with AirSafe Controller $2,645.00
ACALGFL External Fluorescent Light $120.00
ACAHMON HEPA Filter Monitor $150.00
ACFPRE Prefilters, Pack of 10 $125.00
ACFHEPA HEPA Filter $175.00
ACF100 22 lb. Carbon Activated Filter $295.00
AC6400* 48" Advanced forensic workstation w/ 2 speed automatic operation $3,800.00
AC6400A 48" Advanced forensic workstation w/ Airsafe  automatic controller $4,450.00

*includes Fluorescent Light Kit

Prices apply to USA and Canada only.  International contact factory or local in-country agent

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