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Get Results—Not Background! Polymerase Chain Reaction.
The PCR Workstation allows you to maintain a clean work area during your PCR preparation. The unit has an optional built-in UV light to irradiate tubes, flasks and pipettes between amplifications. This UV light sterilization effectively destroys potentially contaminating DNA and RNA in minutes. The low-profile design will fit in your current work area. The bi-fold sash minimizes disturbances during critical transfers. For units fitted with UV light sterilization, a safety lock turns the UV light off when the sash is raised—ensuring operator protection at all times. Model AC600DB features a circulation-free environment with UV light sterilization. It has a UV light with a 0-10 minute timer for sterilization between amplifications. A safety interlock switch prevents exposure to UV light when the sash is raised. Model AC600LF provides class 100 vertical laminar flow air through a 99.997% HEPA filter. Model AC600FLUV combines a class 100 clean air environment with timed UV light sterilization for optimal protection from sample contamination. Raising the bi-fold sash turns off the UV light and activates the blower.

Physical Dimensions:

Outside: 32"W x 20"H x 26"D Inside: 31"W x 20"H x 25"D

Leading Particulars:

  •  Class 100 vertical laminar flow
  •  Optional UV timed light for sterilization
  •  Bi-fold sash with safety interlock
  •  Low-profile design using all thermoplastic construction
  •  Integral base for easy cleaning
  •  Optional two speed blower
  •  360 visibility for ease of use
  •  Bench top or portable with addition of optional cart


  • Two-speed blower increases filter life and enables ultra-quiet background operation
  • Variable blower controller for 0-100% control
  • HEPA filter monitor tells you when to change the filter
  • Custom sturdy cart allows the unit to be made portable

Shipping Weight: 100 lbs.


Product ID Description Price  
AC600DB 32" Dead Air Box with UV Sterilization $1,495.00
AC600LF 32" 100 Vertical Laminar Flow Hood $1,995.00
AC600FLUV 32" Dead Air Box with 100 Vertical Laminar Flow Hood $2,450.00

Prices apply to USA and Canada only.  International contact factory or local in-country agent

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