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The Forensic Drug Evidence Cabinet protects evidence and the operator while completing analysis.
The AC4000LFC2 is designed for both search and seizure operations at border crossings and also for drug analysis in a laboratory setting. The unit protects both the operator and the evidence from exposure and contamination. The unit provides a laminar flow class 2 environment for opening and analysis of evidence with complete protection of the operator from exposure to toxic particulate or gases. The unit is completely self-contained and designed to be mobile so that it can be moved to specific critical locations.

Shipping Weight: 375 lbs.

Leading Particulars:

  • All polypropylene "seamless" construction for maintenance of a clean sterile environment
  •  Model 300 controller to constantly monitor face velocity and adjust blower speed to maintain a balanced flow of laminar air
  • 30-Watt fluorescent light
  • Removable perforated base for ease of cleaning
  • An optional spill drain is available to remove liquids collected in the base
  • Pre-filters located in base capture particulate to 0.3 microns at 95% efficiency
  • Sash openings of 8 inches and 16 inches
  • High efficiency HEPA filter filters particles to 0.3 microns at 99.997% efficiency
  • Carbon filters, for gases, may be installed in either recirculating mode or to filter the total exhaust
  • Cabinet is shipped ready for use
  • No installation cost


Product ID Description Price  
AC4000LFC2 Forensic Evidence Drug Cabinet $9,500.00

Prices apply to USA and Canada only.  International contact factory or local in-country agent

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