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Custom-designed for high-volume identification work.
The Identification Workstation series of ductless fume hood enclosures are ideal for protection of the operator from toxic gases and particulates used in routine analysis. The unit protects the operator from residual cyanoacrylate and aluminum-based powders used in forensic analysis. Other commonly used chemicals, such as methanol, xylene and acetone, are also contained. Identification Workstations are available in the two-speed controller model or with the AirSafe™ Controller. The two-speed model offers excellent protection to the operator. The lower sash is outfitted with an electromagnetic controller that senses when the sash is lifted. When the sash is raised, the blower increases velocity to compensate for the additional opening. The AirSafe™ Controller automatically monitors filter life and airflow conditions. The AirSafe™ controller, not your nose, detects when to change the filters.

Physical Dimensions:
AC3000 Outside: 36"W x 54"H x 29.5"D Inside: 35"W x 35"H x 29"D
AC4000 Outside: 48"W x 54"H x 29.5"D Inside: 47"W x 35"H x 29"D

Custom fume hood configurations available.

Leading Particulars:

  • All surfaces in contact with corrosive fumes and liquids are structural polypropylene—NO MORE RUST!
  • Special "cocktail" carbon filter for common forensics chemicals
  • HEPA filter removes powders at 99.997% efficiency at O.3 microns
  • Easily cleaned to prevent cross-contamination between
  • cases or batches of documents
  • AirSafe™ controller monitors and displays airflow face velocity on alphanumeric display
  • Filter condition is monitored by AirSafe™ controller and user is warned when to change the carbon and HEPA filters
  • 30-Watt integral fluorescent light
  • Face velocities exceed OSHA standards
  • No installation cost
  • Optional sturdy cart may be purchased to make unit mobile
  • Adequate workspace to allow for superglue tank to be placed inside
  • All units operate from a standard 10 amp 110V electrical outlet
  • Units are shipped ready to use.


Product ID Description Price  
AC3000 36" Forensic Workstation, Automatic Controller Ductless $5,900.00
AC3000B 36" Forensic Workstation, Two Speed Ductless $4,900.00
AC4000 48" Forensic Workstation, Automatic Controller Ductless $6,900.00
AC4000B 48" Forensics Workstation, Two Speed Ductless $5,900.00
ACFHEPA HEPA Filter $175.00
ACF100 22 lb. Carbon Activated Filter $295.00
AC6000A 72" Forensics Ident Workstation (automatic 2 speed) $7,900.00

Prices apply to USA and Canada only.  International contact factory or local in-country agent

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