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This is a complete master field and lab kit that enables the investigator to perform contact testing and verification of suspected seminal stains. Components of the various reagents are sealed in glass ampoules to eliminate contamination and assure unlimited storage life. Applicators are disposable. Because of the specificity of the test, only minute quantities are required for identification and stains up to four years in age have responded positively. The contact transfer technique is used to verify the presence of semen eliminating contamination probability.

No. SF298 consists of:

  • 8- No. 288DP Pipettes, Disposable, with Capillary and 3 ml Bulb
  • 2- No. 288FP Contact Filter Papers, 1" × 2", 25 each
  • 2- No. DISW2 Bottles of Distilled Water, 2 oz.
  • 10- No. EIL011 Evidence Identification Labels, "Crime Evidence"
  • 3- No. KCP172 Vials, Glass, 3 Dram, with Cap
  • 15- No. KCP217 Cotton Balls
  • 8- No. SF298S1 S1 Reagent, in Glass Ampoule, 5 ml
  • 8- No. SF298S2 S2 Reagent, in Glass Ampoule, 2 ml
  • 8- No. SF298S3 S3 Reagent, in Glass Ampoule, 1 ml
  • 1- No. SF2981 Carrying Case, Vinyl Leatherette-Covered, with Steel Hardware
  • Dimensions: 13 1/2" × 10 1/2" × 5"
  • Weight: 4.9 lbs.



Product ID Description Price  
SF298 Master Seminal Fluid Test Kit $119.50

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