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These powders should only be used indoors, subject to the statements regarding their use in the discussion above. A visible stain powder should be selected based on its natural color blending with the color of the target object. It should be carefully dusted on the object with a soft applicator brush. When contact with the object is made, a transfer occurs. When the transferred powder contacts moisture, such as perspiration, facial fluids or water, the powder goes into solution and a resulting vivid color appears.



Product ID Description Price  
VS301 Visible Stain Powder, Green/Purple, 2 oz. $20.95
VS302 Visible Stain Powder, Mahogany/Blue, 2 oz. $20.95
VS303 Visible Stain Powder, Brown/Red, 2 oz. $20.95
VS304 Visible Stain Powder, Silver/Purple, 2 oz. $20.95
VS305 Visible Stain Powder, Black/Purple, 2 oz. $20.95
VS306 Visible Stain Powder, Copper/Orange, 2 oz. $20.95
VS307 Visible Stain Powder, Green/Aqua Green, 2 oz. $20.95

Prices apply to USA and Canada only.  International contact factory or local in-country agent

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