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   The Science at Your Fingertips ™ Educational Series: Fingerprint identification advanced as an educational pursuit.
The Fingerprint Instructor Portfolio advances fingerprint identification training utilizing hands-on activities, classroom demonstrations, interactive classroom projects, complete lesson plans and reproducible graphics. Students of all ages and skill levels will benefit from these training components. The Fingerprint Instructor Portfolio is designed for identification technician training, police academy instruction, college-level police science courses and school re-source officers’ classroom instruction.

Leading Particulars

  • Gain student interest with fun, hands-on activities that reinforce important identification concepts.
  • Implement new training demonstrations that explain fingerprinting theory and procedures to beginning students in a fun and understandable way.
  • Improve existing advanced fingerprint classes with lesson plans, supplemental exercises and instruction recommendations.
  • Design new instruction blocks for police academies and criminal justicecourses.
  • Utilize appealing instructional material and project ideas for middle school and high school art, history, math and science classes.
  • Prepare your own quizzes, tests, posters and handout material with specially prepared reproducible graphics.