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Supplemental fingerprints are commonly referred to as palm prints. As with finger-prints, palm prints provide the investigator with a means of positive identification. Palm prints are sometimes the only form of latent print evidence at a crime scene. And they’re particularly common in burglary cases. That’s because the perpetrator must often place his palms on window sills, casements or the top of furniture while forcing entry as well as during the crime.


Often, the investigator must rely on palm prints—full or partial—for positive identification due to insufficient latent fingerprint evidence. Palm prints are developed, photographed and lifted in the same manner as finger-prints. As with fingerprints, identification of palm prints is based on comparison of friction ridges and flexure lines. The investigator compares the latent palm prints with those of a suspect in the same manner as fingerprints. A latent palm print, whether full or partial, offers a great number of minutiae pointswith which the investigator may compare for positive identification.


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The AP100 Autopalm Print outfits feature all the necessary tools for rolling and recording clear and readable palm prints. These units are self-contained, designed for portable, desktop use. No external ink supply is needed. The Autopalm's Porelon® ink roller is designed and precisely positioned on each unit to ink the entire palm with just the right amount ink and the unit's softfoam roller provides the proper surface for recording the print on the palm print record card. The ink roller is impregnated with a two-year supply of ink and is protected by a steel cover when not in use. Both regular and STAINFREE™ palm print rollers are available.

AP200 Autopalm Printer

The AP200 Autopalm Printer provides the necessary equipment to roll and record palm prints accurately and quickly. The AP200 utilizes a Porelon® roller (made of the same materials as the Porelon fingerprint pad-impregnated with a two-year supply of ink) that applies a thin, even layer of ink along the contour of the entire palm in one simple motion. A clear impression of the palm, from fingerprints to the wrist, is then recorded on a palm print record card by rolling both over the card roller. The AP200 also may be used for postmortem cases.

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Portable Desktop Combination Fingerprint-Autopalm Stations

SIRCHIE's Portable Desktop Combination Fingerprint Autopalm Stations provide the necessary tools for recording both fingerprints and palm prints. Designed for portability, these stations are very durable and built to provide years of dependable service. Each fingerprint-autopalm station features a sliding top. When the top is slid forward and locked, an operator may roll and record fingerprints. When the top is unlocked and pushed to the rear, the operator has access to the palm printing supplies. The fingerprint-autopalm stations are available with a regular Porelon pad, an ink slab and roller or a PrintMatic™ pre-inked Porelon®. Each unit also is supplied with a Porelon® palm roller and image transfer roller for recording palm prints.

AP300PIP AUTOPALM® Image Transfer Roller System

Use either the PIP100 or the PIP100H PrintMatic™ roller with the AP300PIP to roll and record palm prints.  The AP300PIP is a high quality, bearing-mounted image transfer roller assembly, which provides the proper surface for creating accurate palm print images

Combination Fingerprint and Auto Palm Stations SIRCHIE®’s Combination Fingerprint-Autopalm® Print Stations are just what the name implies—pedestal-mounted fingerprint and palm print stations. These sturdy, freestanding stations are built at regulation height for rolling and recording both finger-prints and palm prints. They feature a sliding top which may be locked into position for fingerprint recording and unlocked and slid back for access to the palm printing supplies. The stations are available with a regular Porelon® pad, a STAINFREE™ Porelon ® pad, an ink slab and roller or a PRINTMATIC™ pre-inked Porelon ® roller. Each is equipped with a Porelon ® palm roller and palm card roller. Also, a storage area is provided behind the palm card roller for keeping record cards as well as other supplies.