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comPARAprint TECH+ DB

This top-of-the-line comparator includes all the features of the other three software packages, and adds the ability to automatically search your latent against a database you build of 500 known prints. comPARAprint™ TECH+DB allows the user to build two databases (a known and a latent) of up to 500 prints. A ten-print card counts as only one of the 500 records available for storage.

Process a latent print and then search it against your database of known prints with one click of the mouse. When you’re finished with the latent, store it in the latent database so that you can instantly recall it later to search it against your known database as you add known prints. Need more database capacity? Contact SIRCHIE for upgrade options.


The Search Database feature of comPARAprint™ TECH+ DB allows you to search any print (in this case, the latent palmprint on the right) against your database of up to 500 known prints. "Hits" are listed in order of similarity, and can be called into the left window for side-by-side visual comparison with the latent.



Catalog Number Description Price  
CCPARA7000LDB ALIS, comPARAPrint Tech+DB System Software $5,995.00

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