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comPARAprint TECH+

If your workload consists of both fingerprints and palmprints, you can have both systems and save money. comPARAprint ™ TECH+ combines the features of comPARAfingerprintand comPARApalmprint ™ , allowing you to easily switch between engines. How often do you know what finger a latent is from? With comPARAprint ™ TECH+ you don’t need to. By treating a ten-print card as a palmprint, comPARAprint ™ TECH+ can also be used to make comparisons between a latent fingerprint and an entire ten-print card in a single step. As part of the comparison process, you automatically zoom in on the print considered to be most similar (which is also automatically rotated to match the orientation of the latent) for a side-by-side comparison.

A latent (right) is compared to all of the fingers on a ten-print card at once. The comparison engine locates an area of high similarity within the right index finger as indicated by the blue box.



comPARAprint ™ TECH+ quickly orients the prints relative to each other and allows you to zoom in to examine the print




Catalog Number Description Price  
CCPARA7000L ALIS, comPARAPrint Tech+ System Software $4,995.00

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