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comPARApalmprint ™

An industry first, comPARApalmprintis optimized for one-on-one comparisons of palmprints. You know from experience that a great percentage of lifts from crime scenes are partial palmprints. You also know how difficult they are to compare without a highly likely suspect. comPARApalmprintcan rapidly compare your latent against a palmprint, no matter the orientation of the prints relative to each other.

As with comPARAfingerprint, known and latent prints are imported into the program via any TWAIN-compliant device, and image traits can be altered for best extraction. Print processing provides the same four viewable images to the examiner — original, binary, enhanced and skeletonized — in whose contexts extracted minutiae can be viewed and edited. Palmprints processed can also be saved with their minutia data for instant recall and reuse.

This fragmentary lift, with its 15 points of minutiae and unknown orientation to the known print, was quickly and easily located among the 618 minutiae the extraction engine located on the known print. (Latent and known prints are shown at different scales).




Catalog Number Description Price  
CCPARA6000L ALIS Palm Print Comparator System Software $3,995.00

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