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compPARAfingerprint ™

Our premier software optimized for examining single fingerprints. Using AFIS-grade minutiae extraction and comparison engines, a known print and a latent print can be processed and compared in seconds. The comparison engine displays a rating of the similarity of the two prints onscreen.

Known and latent prints are imported into the program via any TWAIN-compliant device, such as a flatbed scanner or digital or video camera (with appropriate supporting soft-ware). Image brightness, contrast and sharpness can be altered for best extraction. Processing the print provides four viewable images to the examiner: the original (grayscale), the binary (two-color), the enhanced and the skeletonized. Minutiae extracted automatically by the extraction engine can be viewed in each of these four con-texts as an aid to the technician and can be edited with manual additions and deletions. Processed prints can be saved with their minutia data for instant recall and reuse.

computer screen.jpg (23568 bytes)

A latent (right) and known print are shown here with their automatically extracted points of minutia displayed. The comparison engine rates these prints as having a high similarity, as indicated by the display in the upper left. Note that even though the latent was a double impression, the software had no trouble in verifying the high degree of similarity.

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CCPARA5000L comPARAfingerprint™ Software $1995.00

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