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comPARAprint II is the latest ...

in the growing family of software applications from SIRCHIE designed to bring computer aided latent fingerprint searching and comparison to the desktop PC. Designed for the small to medium sized law enforcement agencies, this high performance tool serves as a department fingerprint identification system. Built upon our ALIS™ engine technology and coupled with a robust 10-print card database capable of holding a virtually unlimited number of cards (limited by your storage capacity), SAFIS™ becomes an powerful tool for optimized comparisons between a latent fingerprint and the prints in the database at the click of a button.


The skeletonized, or thinned image, is the result of a process that removes extra pixels and produces a simpler image still made up entirely of pixels belonging to the skeleton of the object. Image enhancement algorithms offer the examiner different views of the print to aid in his decision to add or remove points of minutia. The ‘Y’ ascending overlay pinpoints exactly where SAFIS™ made the comparison in both prints for enhanced visual inspection.
SIRCHIE ’s ALIS™ Comparison Engine...

is able to rapidly compare prints, compensating for the distortions inherent in latent and rolled prints, and uncertainties in relative rotation to provide a graded measure of the similarity of the two prints. The comparison engine automatically makes a statistical comparison of the two prints, displaying a goodness rating for the comparison. In addition, a graphical overlay shows just what the comparison engine used as the basis of its decision, allowing intervention by the technician as desired. Comparisons can be made on the basis of the full latent, or on any user-defined portion of the latent against the ten-print database. To speed searches, search parameters—including hand and pattern type—can be set. In addition, searches can be made against the latent database to allow you to connect crimes. Searches can be stored for later recall. 

Recommended Minimum Hardware Requirements:

  • Windows 95+, NT 4.0+ Operating System
  • 333 MHz Pentium Class Processor or better
  • 128 Mb Ram
  • Large Capacity Hard Drive
  • Video Card Capable of at least 800 x 600 Screen Resolution at 16-bit color depth
  • Color Monitor with 17" - 19" minimum Viewing Area
  • Page Scanner with 600 dpi minimum
SAFIS™ System Leading Particulars:
  • Latent and ten-print databases
  • Virtually unlimited database size
  • Acquire images via any TWAIN-compliant device capable of 600 dpi resolution. Convenient pre-sized capture boxed provided for use with your scanner input
  • View prints side-by-side over a large range of magnifications.
  • Automatically extract features such as ending ridges, islands and bifurcations
  • Manually add or delete features
  • Choose areas of the print to be ignored by the feature extraction and feature comparison engines
  • Adjust image brightness, contrast and sharpness for best feature extraction
  • iew or print grayscale, binary, enhanced or skeletonized images of ridge structure
  • Load and automatically compare latent and reference prints
  • Automatically compare prints based on a region of the latent

SAFIS™ Search Methods:

  • Latent to 10-Prints
  • Latent to Latents
  • 10-Print to Latents
  • 10-Print to 10-Prints


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