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  Sirchie   Autopalm Outfits Cardholders Compact Fingerprint Kits
  Talking & Recording   Disposable Ink Strips Educational Tools Elimination and Field Kits
  Products   EZID Ceramic Fingerprint Pads File Cabinets Fingerprint Ink
      Fingerprint Combinations Fingerprint Outfits Guide Card
      Hand Cleaners Ink Rollers Ink Slabs
      Lansburys Ridge Builder Pedestal Fingerprint Units Porelon Pads
      Postmortem Tools and Kits Print Matic Printover Tabs
      Record Cards Slab and Roller Cleaners Wall Charts
      Videos, Fingerprint Taking    
  Latent Print Development   Cleaner, Fingerprint Powder Cyanoacrylate CYANOWAND
  and Lifting Products   DFOSPRAY  FACII  Fluorescent Powder 
      Fluorescent Magnetic Powder  Footprint Lifters Fuming Chambers 
      Hinge Lifters  Humidifier  Iodine Fuming Products 
      Latent Print Kits  Latent Print Powder  Lifting Tabs 
      Lifting Tape  Magnetic Applicators  Magnetic Latent Print Powder 
      Ninhydrin  Palm Lifters  Silver Nitrate 
      Small Particle Reagent  Tape Dispenser   
  Portable Forensic   Accessories Barrier Filters Barrier Filter Goggles and Glasses
  Illumination Sources   BLUEMAXX Latent Specialist Kit BLUEMAXX Master Kits BLUEMAXX Lights
      BLUEMAXX Photography BLUEMAXX Patrol Kit Camera Filters
      Excitation Filters Forensic Photography Photographic Illumination Kit
      Rechargeable Forensic Light Standard forensic Light SUPER BLUEMAXX
      System 600 Forensic Light    
  Optical Enhancement and   JC100P Fingerprint Magnifier Classification Discs for JC100P M1 Fingerprint Magnifier 
  Fingerprint Identification   M2 Fingerprint Magnifier Classification Disk for M1 and M2 JC200 Fingerprint Magnifier
      Classification Discs for JC200 JC300 Wide-Field Magnifier Classification Disk for JC300
      JC400 Super-Wide Field Magnifier Illuminated Fingerprint Comparator Professional Folding Magnifier
      Illuminated Hand-held Magnifiers Gooseneck Magnifier  Retractable Pocket Magnifier
      Rectangular Illuminated Magnifier Attached Case Magnifier Fingerprint Comparator
      Optical Comparators FC281 Fingerprint Comparator Magnifiers/Fingerprint Readers
  Forensic & Identification   Accessories, Camera Booklets, Identifier Photo Cameras, Evidence
  Photography   Cameras, Photo Identification Cones, Photo evidence Indicators, Photo Evidence
      Filing Systems, Rogues Gallery Film, Polaroid Kits, Forensic Photography
      Kit, Investigators Mapping Kits, Photo Documentation Lens Adapter
      Numbers, Photo Evidence Scales, Photograph Screens, Identification Height
      Signs, Photo Identification Stands, Camera Systems, Photo Identification
  Evidence Collection &   Arson Evidence Collection Bags, Paper Evidence Bags, Plastic Evidence
  Processing   Barrier Tape Body Bags Boxes, Evidence Collection
      Gas and Vapor Detection Hazmat Kit Heat Sealers
      Hydrocarbon Detectors Identification Stripes Jars, Evidence Collection
      Kits, Evidence Collection Labels, Evidence Collection Markers and Scribes, Evidence
      Masks, Gas Metal Detection Sweepers Personal Property Bags
      Personal Protection Security Signs Shovels, Debris Sifting
      Sketch Kits Tape, Evidence Tape Dispenser, Evidence
      Tape Measure Template, Crime Scene Tubes, Evidence Collection
      Vacuums, Evidence    
  Locating and Protecting   Adjustable Casting Frames Plaster Casting Kit Silicone Casting Kits
  Impression Evidence   Durocast Jet/Pak Dust and Dirt Hardener Electrostatic Lifting Kit
      Rubber Footprint Lifters Hard Core Blue Flexible Mixing Bowls
      Casting Plaster Liquid Silicone Rubber Silicone Rubber Release Agent
      Silicone Rubber Thinner SearchTrak Snow Print Wax
      Zip Mix Plaster Casting    
  Forensic Evidence   Blood Alcohol Collection Kit Blood Alcohol/urine Specimen Kit DNA Evidence Collection Kit
  Collection   Sex Crimes Kit Suspect Evidence Collection Kits Sexual Assault Kits
      Sexual Battery Kxamination Kit    
  Forensic Ultraviolet Lights   Face Shield, UV Goggles, UV Lamp, AC/DC Field and Lab (LW)
      Lamp, AC/DC Field and Lab (SW) Lamp, AC/DC Dual Bulb (LW) Lamp, Dual Bulb (LW)
      Lamp, Dual Bulb Field & Lab (LW) Lamp, Field and Lab (LW) Lamp, Field and Lab (SW)
      Lamp, Lab UV (SW) Light S, Dual Bulb UV Lab (LW) Light Source, Hi-Power (LW)
      Light Source, Lab UV (LW) Light Source, TIGER UV Forensic Light S, AC/DC Tiger (LW & SW)
      Light Source, Tiger (LW & SW) Light Source, UV Mini Spectacles, UV
      Torchlite, Ultraviolet (LW)    
  Visible and Fluorescent   Regular Powder Brush CLUE SPRAY Invisible Coin Lacquer
  Invisible Detection   Invisible Fluorescent Crayons Invisible Marking DISCHAPS Three Day Transparent Fluid
  Materials   Disposable Gloves Invisible Metal Marking Ink Invisible Skin Marking Ink
      Invisible Writing Ink Tagging Ink Dual Wavelength Kits
      Fluorescent Invisible Kits Visible Stain Detection Dual Wavelength Kits
      Fluorescent Invisible Paste Visible Stain Detection Paste Invisible Marking Pen
      Dual Wavelength Powder Duo-Stain Detection Powder Fluorescent Invisible Powder
      Visible Stain Detection Powder Voting Integrity Systems Wavelength Detection Powder
  Forensic evidence   Atomic Absorption Analysis Blood Testing Drug Testing
  Equipment   Explosive Residue Testing Firearms residue Collection Handwriting Analysis
      Infrared Viewer Luminol Portable Police Laboratory
      Serial Number Restoration Master Questioned Document Kit Seminal Fluid Testing
      Trace Metal Detection Dischaps  
  Forensic Containment   Evidence Drying Cabinet Basic Forensic Workststion Advanced forensic Workstation
  Products   Identification Workstation Forensic Drug Evidence Cabinet PCR Workstation
  Weapons and Metal   Accessories    
  Detection   Letter bomb Detector Search Alert Search Baton
  Computer Software   ComPHOTOfit PLUS Software comPHOTOfit  +Color Software Photo Identification foil Composite
  Systems   Female Identification Kit Crime Scene drawing Libraries Traffic Scene Drawing Libraries
  Forensic Video   Fluorescent Photo Scales Flashlights For Oblique Lighting Photo Evidence Markers
  Equipment   Sterile Cotton Swabs Mikrosil Casting Material Tamper Proof Tape
      B/W forensic Macro system Forensic Macro System Digital Video Printer
      Video Monitor Forensic Light Kit Video Attach. Forensic Fluorescent light  Kit
      Portable Battery Pack BLUEMAXX MODULE FF200 Video Light Kit
      Forensic Video Camera Kit Reflective Ultraviolet Imaging sys. comPARAfingerprint
      comParapalmprint comPARAprint TECH+ comPARAprint TECH+DB
      ALIS Scenesweepr Omnipoint 1000A