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Water HoundTM is an advanced system for the accurate pinpointing of underground fluid leaks, prior to excavation. In the water industry Water HoundTM can be used effectively on all types of pipe - not only metallic but also plastic, asbestos cement and large diameter mains.

The Water HoundTM technology platform takes leak location into the new millennium.

Water HoundTM is a leak noise correlator combining the latest RISC (Reduced Instruction Set Computer) processor technology with DSP (Digital Signal Processing) techniques to give the very best leak location performance. Combined with this level of sophisticated technology Water HoundTM has been designed to be extremely rugged, compact and light-weight.


Leak noise correlation uses leak sound similarity as the principle of operation. Two sensors are positioned either side of the suspected leak position and the time taken for the leak noise to reach the respective sensors is measured. By knowing the distance between the sensors and the velocity of sound in the pipe, the leak position is accurately calculated.

Basic system components

Optional equipment

Digging holes in the wrong place is expensive Operator confidence is essential in determining where to excavate for accurate leakage location and subsequent repair. Water HoundTM provides this confidence by virtue of its innovative design, simple operation, clarity of presented information while combined with sophisticated features. The result is optimum leak location performance, together with maximum return on equipment investment.

High performance

It is well known that ultra-low frequency leak noise travels furthest through pressurized pipes. The Water HoundTM design is optimized, from high sensitivity accelerometer and hydrophone sensors, plus its electronic signal processing and software filtering, to process these ultra-low frequencies. The latest DSP technology is coupled to the power of the RISC processor to enable this process. Notch filters are also incorporated to remove unwanted interference. This results in optimum performance with large diameter or plastic pipes.

The range of correlation time delay within Water Hound
TM provides for possible location over long distances.

Simple operation

Water HoundTM incorporates a unique single screen set-up method; with a clear, graphical presentation of the pipe and leak model. Only one operation is necessary for surveying, and in most situations, four operations for leak pinpointing. The use of 'soft-keys' further enhances the user friendliness when using advanced features such as zoom, noise suppression and velocity calculation. The clarity and wide-temperature performance of the display has no equal.

The correlation display is shown directly as distance, i.e. proportional to the actual pipe situation (unlike most correlators where it is shown as a time-delay representation). This is a benefit in multiple pipe material situations giving a result which is displayed directly proportional to distance on-the-ground.

Size and weight are unique. Special attention to the ergonomic design has resulted in a small, lightweight, instrument that can be easily held in one hand. Fast battery charging in (nominally) one hour minimizes equipment down time.

Water Hound
TM displayed results, together with site details, can be printed on-site in letter format, or stored for subsequent display, analysis, or printing. A large storage capacity means that the full correlation function is stored - typically for many weeks of operation.