TraceMaster TraceMaster Specifications & Features


Pipe and Cable Locator

The First locator to offer a Remote Link between the Transmitter and the Receiver

The TraceMaster was designed by industry leaders with recommendations from some of the biggest names in the industry. The receiver operates with only two buttons and two knobs with minimum training. The TraceMaster offers you more productivity in the field with our exclusive RF link. Use this link to change frequencies and monitor battery usage from the receiver without having to return to the transmitter. This design saves battery life in the transmitter by not transmitting unnecessary frequencies.

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Our customer service department has been set up to ensure prompt response and 100% satisfaction. Our toll-free number is
(888) 32-TRACE. You can expect personal attention, prompt delivery and answers to all your technical questions, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, including holidays.

Remote Control of Transmitter from the Receiver
The transmitter is even easier to operate: turn it on and hook up the conductive signal clips. Change the frequency setting, monitor the transmitter's battery status and check other transmitter functions at the receiver via the RF link. You can verify operating status and confirm the establishment of a good radio link between transmitter and receiver at the transmitter site too.

Only Two Buttons and Two Knobs
Use one hand to operate the Gain knob, Frequency button, Depth button and Volume knob. Because of the TraceMaster's unique RF link, when you activate the frequency button, it will cause the transmitter's frequency to change to the newly selected receiver frequency, without any additional operator action. Switching to the Passive mode will put the transmitter on standby thus conserving valuable battery life. Using the volume and gain knobs couldn't be easier. When the handle is grabbed, a sensitive trigger handle allows the unit to be turned on automatically. When the unit is put down for a few seconds it will turn itself off to conserve battery life. When the unit is reactivated by the ON/OFF trigger switch, it returns to its last frequency and operating mode. A master ON/OFF switch is built into the volume knob to prevent accidental turn on when the unit is stowed away. For your convenience, an automatic gain setting is built into the gain knob. Backlighting of the LCD is automatically activated by an ambient light sensor, without operator intervention or additional buttons.

Signal Strength and Depth Indications
The signal strength from the TraceMaster's peak sensor is shown as a 2-digit number on the LCD display and used to increase or decrease the pitch of the audio tone. The greater the signal strength, the higher the audio pitch. In addition, the combined signal from the peak and null sensors is to indicate whether the target is to the left or to the right of the instrument. Once the instrument is right on top of the target, both arrows will flash. Depth can only be measured while both arrows are flashing. This feature allows you to increase the reliability of the depth measurement. Holding the Depth button will give you the estimated depth as shown on the LCD display.

System Description

Select between Passive, 575 Hz, 8 kHz, 82 kHz and 455 kHz operating frequencies. The selection is automatically communicated to the transmitter via the RF link. In the Passive mode the transmitter shuts down its output and the receiver searches for 50/60 Hz signals. The signal strength readout indicates the peak sensor signal at all operating frequencies. The left and right arrows, as well as the depth measurement are also available at all frequencies, with the exception of 455 kHz, which is based on a single peak sensor. Use the 575 Hz to trace good conductors for long distances without "bleeding" to adjacent utilities. The 8 kHz provides an ideal general-purpose frequency for medium to long distances in poorer conductors, with minimal bleeding. The 82 kHz
is appropriate for shorter runs on pipes, especially if it is necessary to jump non-conductive gaskets. The 455 kHz will bleed easily to adjacent utilities, thus providing an excellent "sweep mode" for checking an area with unknown targets. There is no need to carry "additional instruments".


Three different models available from $1,295.00. Consult factory for details at 888-32-TRACE (888-328-7223).

Inductive Signal Clamp
increases the versatility of the TraceMaster by providing a convenient method of selectively applying the trace signal to conductors covered with insulation.


Conductive Cable Assembly is used for applying the tracing signal directly to an exposed section of a cable, line or metal conduit for maximum tracing distance.

Custom Padded Carrying Case
The TraceMaster comes with a custom padded carrying case designed to withstand the rigors of field use. The transmitter case has a built-in storage compartment for cables, ground stake and inductive clamps.