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Phocus - Acoustic Noise Logging System


Phocus is an acoustic data logger designed for widespread use in identifying areas of high leakage on water distribution systems. It is ideally used prior to leakage pinpointing via leak noise correlation or direct leak listening.

Phocus offers many advantages:

Acoustic Noise Logging System

Phocus enables water companies to identify areas of high leakage prior to deploying leakage teams to pinpoint leaks. Surveying an area is carried out by installing a number of units at available hydrants, valves, etc. Phocus records acoustic noise during two hours each night. A number of loggers are used to cover a pipe network - the actual area depends on pressure and pipe material(s).

Phocus incorporates a very sensitive accelerometer sensor. This is housed in a rugged, stainless steel enclosure which is fully submersible to IP68. It is powered for 5 years which eliminates the need to re-charge loggers between leakage surveys.

The system consists of six acoustic noise loggers contained in a rugged, waterproof transport case, communications cable and software.

The PC software operates on Windows® 95, 98 or NT and enables single key programming and read-back of six loggers. Two and three dimensional graphing gives the operator optimum ease to interpret results. A ranking table provides which loggers are closest to the leak position.

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