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Alpha CELL


Electronic Leak Listening Probe

CELL's electronic listening probe is a simple, cost effective leak locator giving improved performance when compared to mechanical alternatives.


Alpha CELL's hand probe incorporates high sensitivity sensor technology able to detect leak noise outside the range of sounds detected by the human ear.

The leak signal is amplified by the small amplifier which is attached to the operator's belt, or in some other convenient location. The belt amplifier unit is designed to use low power and ultra low noise analog signal processing circuitry for optimum performance. Power is provided by a single AAA alkaline battery typically giving several months operation. Battery replacement is easily carried out on-site.

A headphone volume control is incorporated. The operator merely presses a push-button to listen. Releasing the push-button deactivates the amplifier, preventing the operator from being distracted by unwanted amplified noise. This provides easier comparison of results while at the same time maximizing battery life.

Alpha CELL

Alpha CELL detects noise generated by leaks in buried pipes. The leak noise travels through the water and pipe wall such that direct listening at valves, hydrants and other surface pipe fittings gives good results. Alpha CELL is an electronic 'listening stick' providing high sensitivity and wide band amplification of leak noise particularly at lower frequencies.

Features include: