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   Manit Consolidated Services (MCS) is Security System Solution provider based in cities of Mumbai & New Delhi in India. The company was established in 1989 as a small business. The first customer was Citibank N.A., MCS as a System Integrator provided them solutions as per their worldwide Citibank security standards. The environment post September, 11 2001 has changed the level of perception on security world wide, today at MCS the areas of business has grown to encompass the Law Enforcement Products range to meet the challenges post 9/11 in the prevailing Homeland Security scenario.

Till date Citibank is a customer, the World Trade Center in Mumbai, The Oberoi Towers & many public & private sector clients are served by MCS including the government departments. Police departments worldwide use products we resell exclusively, the equipment ranges from CCTV, Explosive Detectors, Non Linear Junction Detectors, Listening devices & Electronic Counter Measure, Tele Operated Ordinance Disposal system (TODS), Lie Detector with Notebook, Speed Radar (Laser & K-Band), Krimesite Scope, Finger Print Kits, Finger Print Powders, a large range of Finger Print & Forensic products Voice Loggers from Voice Print & Total Recall, Electronic Stethoscope, Alco meters, Baggage X-Ray Scanners, Legal Interception system for Cellular & Landline telephones, Cellular Jammer, Night Vision Device, Deep Search Metal Detectors, Telephone Analyzer, Day Night Surveillance Camera, Video/Audio Transmitter/Receivers. Under Vehicle Inspection System. Cargo & Container Scanners.

MCS has the unique advantage of being a distributor to many quality equipment suppliers in the world & has the technical excellence to maintain them for their customers. Elaborate networks of Local agents promote products & create sales for MCS. Many first have been achieved by MCS in India in various field & we strive to offer unique solutions to world wide customer’s requirements.

We are authorized representatives of :

  • We were the first to provide Transaction Verification System to our Banking customers the solution was worked out for NCR ATMs.

  • We were the first to offer the Telephone/Cellular interception system to the Police department using voice logger & indigenous equipment,

  • We were the first to offer to the Finger Print department a product which could see latent finger print in a crime scene without processing or using chemicals. We constantly try & customize solutions to exceed customer expectations.

We have reached our position by constantly working with State of the Art technology & combining the same to create unique solution for our customers. We have got trained personals for the various products we offer to maintain & service these equipment as after sales service is an important are of revenue generation for us besides it keeps us updated. The Owner of the company is also a qualified engineer; integrating technology comes easily to MCS. The strength of the company is its unique ability to offer competitively priced products & excellent sourcing of equipments with assured after sales support. Having done International business with countries across the globe, we have the confidence to do business for specialized equipment from creating a need to after sales support.

Our aim is to reach out in the Middle East to South East Asia Law Enforcement Agencies & Other Markets to maximise the potential for business growth in the Homeland Security opportunities in the region.

Please feel free to get in touch with us to be our Partners as Local regional distributor or as a Supplier of Law Enforcement Product/Solutions interested in establishing in the region.

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