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   The company represents world leaders in the various products that we market. We have a good presence within the law enforcement product market & are growing rapidly


  Sirchie   For more than 50 years SIRCHIEŽ Finger Print Laboratories, Inc., and it's subsidiary companies,
      Law Enforcement Associates Inc., American Institute of Applied Sciences Inc., Premier CrownŽ Corp., and Search Productions (collectively known as the SIRCHIEŽ group) have been innovators in the design and development of specialized products for the worldwide law enforcement community. The SIRCHIEŽ group has an established international reputation based on a tradition of supplying quality products to a demanding market.


  Decatur Electronics  

Decatur Electronics, Inc. designs, manufactures and markets the finest speed measurement

      products and traffic safety equipment in the world. Our radar products are used for law enforcement, sports, industrial/OEM and scientific applications.
  Britannia 2000 LTD.  

Britannia 2000 Ltd. is a UK Company specilising in Surveillance System. We manufacture a wide

      range of products for use by Government Agencies, Police Forces, Special Forces, Customs and Fire Services. In addition to manufacturing our own products, we also are able to incorporate other manufacturers equipment into complete systems to fulfil specific surveillance tasks. Examples of these are Vehicle Tracking Systems, Special Lenses, Mast mount systems, Search and Rescue Camera Equipment and Night Vision equipment.
  Control Screening  

Control Screening specializes in the design, manufacture and support of high quality, professional

      security X-ray scanners and metal detection systems. Advanced detection of explosive devices, weapons, narcotics, and other contraband has long been our specialty and mission for over sixty years.
  OAO Robotics  

OAO Robotics, a division of OAO Corporation, specializes in remote controlled, teleoperated


vehicles and manipulator systems for hazardous duty applications. Our emphasis has been on teleoperated platforms for Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD), nuclear applications, Unexploded Ordnance (UXO), and environmental remediation. OAO has developed and fielded light weight, sensing platforms for nuclear/biological/chemical contaminated environments, excavators for hazardous waste disposal and remediation of unexploded ordnance, backhoes for the excavation, and handling of the international land mine problems, and manipulator platforms for various nuclear and law enforcement EOD robots.

  Trustech Ltd.   Law enforcement agents and managers around the world speak different languages, have different
      customs and methods of operation, not to mention the different values and laws they uphold. Yet, they are all united in their quest for the truth. The quicker they get it, the more efficient their work becomes.
  Voice Print International  

TCG Telecommunications designed its digital voice logger when one of its largest call center

      clients requested an Automatic Voice Logger that would digitally record and archive all calls. This client was receiving approximately 20,000 calls per day and required a quality logger with instant voice retrieval.
  Schonstedt   Schonstedt Instrument Company provides solutions for the detection and location of objects and
      phenomena below the surface of the ground or water.
  iFocus   The company's first task is to develop digital video solution for CCTV mass market.
  American Video Equipment  



The company develops and delivers optical components and laser sensors, laser radiation

      sources and technologies for the precise measuring, analysing, structuring and machining of most diverse materials


  Digi Vox    
  VideoComm Technologies  

VideoComm Technologies is the recognized market leader in wireless video transmission


technologies, products and technical support. From systems serving a single camera over a few feet, all the way up to multi-camera systems covering large university campuses

  STR International   STR International Inc., is an original equipment manufacturer of high quality, commercial/industrial
       security equipment products. Offering Russian Technology and specializing in Perimeter Protection Systems, Access Control Systems, RFID, Vandal and Weather Proof Cameras, and other CCTV devices.
  American Technologies   American Technologies Network Corporation is a manufacturer of high quality, technically
      advanced optical devices. Created as a commercially oriented division, they have quickly emerged as one of the leaders in the field of night vision and specialized day-time optical systems.
  Total Recall   Total Recall Digital Voice Recorder is the innovative and professional solution for all businesses
      that are serious about security and quality control.
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