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   OAO Robotics -Remote Operated Mine Detector

   OAO Robotics, a division of OAO Corporation, specializes in remote controlled, teleoperated vehicles and manipulator systems for hazardous duty applications. Our emphasis has been on teleoperated platforms for Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD), nuclear applications, Unexploded Ordnance (UXO), and environmental remediation. OAO has developed and fielded light weight, sensing platforms for nuclear/biological/chemical contaminated environments, excavators for hazardous waste disposal and remediation of unexploded ordnance, backhoes for the excavation, and handling of the international land mine problems, and manipulator platforms for various nuclear and law enforcement EOD robots.


TODS provides safe, effective and efficient delivery of tools necessary for the clearance of landmines and UXO. TODS is simple, rugged, and easy to operate. TODS provides a viable alternative to manual tasks where human safety is a concern. TODS allows operators to remotely perform UXO clearance tasks from safe locations. Using modular tooling, TODS can be field configured for vegetation clearance, flail operations, backhoe excavation, and manipulation of exposed mines.

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 TODS was developed for and tested by the US DoD Humanitarian Demining Research and Development Program. The US DoD has found TODS suitable for use in Humanitarian Demining Operations.


TODS is deployed to a work site using a trailer or similar transportation. TODS is based on a commercial skid loader and weighs approximately 4000 lbs. A containerized remote control site is set up at a safe location and is powered by a vehicle alternator or generator. The operator installs the desired tooling (backhoe, vegetation cutter, flail) for the task at hand. TODS’ remote functions are controlled via a portable controller with switches and joysticks. The operator monitors vehicle mounted cameras on a video monitor at the control site. Video feedback and Global Positioning System (GPS) allows navigating to physically or electronically marked targets or borders.


The first and most dangerous task associated with land mine and UXO remediation is the clearance of vegetation to allow detection and excavation. TODS can be configured with a front or boom mounted vegetation cutter. The boom cutter allows cutting vegetation lanes without running TODS over potential ordnance.


TODS is then configured with the backhoe. The operator utilizes two joysticks on the portable controller that mimic a manual backhoe’s controls. The backhoe can include a mine/metal detector and a compressed air excavation subsystem. The operator drives TODS to a target site utilizing visual feedback or GPS information. A mine/metal detector can assist in pinpointing and paint marking buried ordnance. The compressed air excavation system is used to gently uncover buried land mines or is used in conjunction with the backhoe to uncover deeper ordnance. This process is used to locate ordnance, identify its type and plan subsequent backhoe excavation or prepare for blow in place activities. The backhoe can then excavate the exposed ordnance. The backhoe bucket removes allowing a gripper installation which transforms the backhoe into a manipulator. Therefore, the UXO can be transported for final disposition using the bucket or a gripper. During testing, TODS was subjected to a 12 lb. TNT blast replicating an Anti-Tank (AT) detonation. TODS drove away with field repairable damage.


A flail attaches to safely detonate AP mines. TODS has proven effective in detonating M14 AP mines and is survivable through repeated 1.0 lb. TNT detonations. Blast armor minimizes fragmentation damage. Visit OAO’s website for more information and pricing on TODS and other OAO products. Further information can be provided to request field testing and US foreign assistance to procure TODS. OAO Robotics provides products or services establishing indigenous UXO and land mine remediation capabilities.

The TODS configured for AP chain flail operation can process 17,000 square meters of ground in a typical working day. The flail detonates mines or proofs grounds deemed cleared.


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