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   TrusterPro™ - Your Professional Voice Based Lie Detector.

   Law enforcement agents and managers around the world speak different languages, have different customs and methods of operation, not to mention the different values and laws they uphold. Yet, they are all united in their quest for the truth. The quicker they get it, the more efficient their work becomes.

TrusterPro™ comes with four basic modes of operation. 


  • Automatic calibration process
  • Analysis of deception in real time
  • Analysis of pre-recorded online conversations/interviews and TV or radio segments
  • Profile, Summary and Technical reports which can be viewed, saved and printed
  • Graph displays for advanced diagnosis
  • Familiar Windows® 95 environment
  • Special sensitivity selectors for a wide range of subjects
  • Four built-in psychological lie detection patterns
  • Filtering system for reducing background noise
  • High rate of accuracy
  • Easy to install; easy to use

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System Requirements:  Minimum Recommended

  • WIN 95 / NT 4.0
  • P200 P233
  • 32 MB RAM 64 MB RAM
  • A highly sensitive microphone
  • CD ROM Drive (double speed)
  • 16 Bit Soundcard
  • TrusterPro™ package includes:
  • Truster Pro™ CD
  • Stereo T-Connector (for connecting your PC and telephone)
  • TrusterPro User Manual



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