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   Total Recall Digital Voice Recorder


Total Recall Digital Voice Recorder is the innovative and professional solution for all businesses that are serious about security and quality control.

Total Recall is a fully self-contained digital voice recorder that combines simplicity of use, 10,000 hours of onboard storage and convenient capacities of 4 - 32 channels to create an invaluable tool for everyone who does business by telephone, or whose radio communications are mission-critical.
Included at no cost with Total Recall Voice Recorder is Remote Manager, a powerful client software package that gives users the opportunity to utilise the security and training benefits of Total Recall from their PC, as well as providing centralised management of multiple units.
Remote Manager connects to Total Recall Voice Recorder via your current LAN/WAN/VPN or Dialup connection, or links directly to your PC through the supplied crossover cable. Via Remote Manager calls or radio recordings can be monitored live, or stored calls may be searched and replayed with ease - all from the comfort of your PC! Notes can be added to calls, providing additional security and functionality for your businesses application.
Total Recall Digital Voice Recorder is scaleable and highly configurable, providing a closely matched solution to your requirements. In an increasingly litigious and security conscious world, all industries and management levels can benefit from the protection of phone and radio recording, and create value though the quality analysis that monitoring provides. Are you gaining the benefits?


  • Fully Self Contained Voice Logger (No PC Required!)

  • 4-16 Channels per Desktop Unit

  • 4-32 Channels per Rack Mount Unit

  • 10,000 Hours Onboard Recording Time

  • Automatically Records all Calls (Telephone or Radio)

  • Analogue 2-Wire Interface

  • Search for Calls by Date, Time, Phone Number, Duration or Channel

  • Networkable – Connects to Remote Manager (Provided) via LAN/WAN/VPN or through a dialup connection

  • Live Monitor, Search & Replay, Network Archive and Email Calls from your Current Network and PC

  • Instant Call Replay from Internal Hard Drive

  • Record on Demand through software or DTMF controls

  • CLI Capture of Incoming Call Numbers

  • Live Monitor Calls from Any Channel

  • Archive Calls to Inbuilt DVD-RW Drive

  • Recording Trigger Selectable by VOX or Off-Hook

  • Multi-Level Password Security

  • Recording “Beep” Option

  • Easily Selectable Language Options – English, Spanish, Korean, Japanese, Arabic, Chinese

  • See for more specifications