Measuring vehicle speeds fast and reliably


LAVEG™ Laser speed measurement inconspicuous,
reliable and fast.

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The LAVEG™ vehicle speed measuring device is ready for use within sconds. The device can be held like a pair of binoculars, simple operation ensures reliable handling after appropriate instructions without longterm prctice being necessary.

The device needs no adjustment or preparation thus providing extremely mobile and flexible use on critical places of road traffic. The spot size of the sighting beam is very small (max. 35 cm at 100 m). thus, singling out target vehicles is possible without any problems even in heavy traffic and on multi-lane roads.

Measurements are taken down the road and possible both onto approaching and moving off vehicles. The standard interface (RS 232 port) provides storage of measured results an an external computer or additional display on an external computer-aided display or a large screen.

The distance measurement mode integrated in the LAVEG™ has proved to be useful for surveying work on sites of accidents or for measuring and setting up traffic systems and road signs.

The standard equipment of the LAVEG™ includes all components required for intantaneous use of the measuring device. The instrument is supplied in a sturdy, impact-resistant carrying case that is upholstered inside and also accommodates accessories.

It is recommended to set up the instrument in the tripod or the single leg support available as acceaaory. This is particulary convenient for long-term measurement jobs.

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