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   LaserPatrol™ - The new instrument for speed measuring in road traffic

   LaserPatrol™ provides:

  • Speed measurement of approaching and receding vehicles.
  • Speed display on a head-up display in addition to the built-in light-spot sight;
    brightness of display and sighting spot adjustable over a wide range.
  • Simultaneous display of speed and distance on separate external displays allowing brightness adjustment independent of the head-up display.
  • Adjustable speed threshold. Exceeding the threshold is indicated by a sequence of audio tones. Additionally a control output is activated temporarily.
  • The presence of optical jamming transmitters on sighted vehicles is detected and indicated both visually and coustically.

LaserPatrol™ ensures:

  • Speed measurement function lock and display of error message if temperature and supply volt-age are outside the permissible range.
  • Possibility of power supply through 12V on-board vehicle supply that simultaneously recharges the internal battery.
  • Display of battery power in percent, display of operating voltage on external supplies in volt.
  • Full remote control through bidirectional RS 232 port and transfer of measurement data includ-ing a result-based checksum to instruments not requiring calibration.
  • Compliance with the regulations of Class 1 Laser Devices and eye safety EN 60825-1:1997-03. The instrument is thus eyesafe and may optionally be used in speed monitoring as per today's regulations.


LaserPatrol™ allows:

  • Long-term use and particularly easy handling in portable mode without any disturbing supply cables by use of a rechargeable Li-ion battery pack integrated in the handle.
  • Automatic shut-off of result display after a user-defined time to extend the service life per battery charge.
  • Confirmation of operations and indication of results by an audio signal generator with individual tone sequences (loudness may be adjusted in steps or switched off).
  • Start of a measurement by an external trigger device through remote trigger input.

   LaserPatrol™_V  Speed measurement with digital image documentation



Touchscreen LaserPatrol™_V

Features of the system:

- Ready for action in a few minutes.
- Easy operation with a touch screen.
- Data storage on a changeable PC-Card (5000 violations).
- 6 recorded images per speed violation guarantee
  an unequivocal documentation of the measurement.
- Selectable operation mode: manual, automatic or with confirmation.
- Office software to evaluate the collected data.
- Data protection through encrypted storage.
- Data access only for authorized persons.

The LaserPatrol™_V consists of:

- Measuring unit (LaserPatrol™ and video camera).
- Touch sreen for convenient data input and operation.
- PC-Card (Replaceable data carrier).
- Tripod.
- 12V rechargeable battery.

Speed measurement range 0 ... 250 km/h
Accuracy ± 2 km/h to 100 km/h,
± 2 % above 100 km/h
Measuring range 30 m to 500 m
Recognizability of license plate 70 m to 120 m
Laser class Class 1
   LAVEG™  Measuring vehicle speeds fast and reliably

LAVEG™ guarantees:

  • Object speed measurement up to 320 km/h with display of measuring distance.
  • Extremely small measuring spot (35 cm at 100 m distance) for selective vehicle measurement even at high traffic density.
  • Reliable results.
  • Clear assignment of measured values to sighted object.
  • Very simple operation without any adjustmants required.
  • Instantaneous readiness for use.
  • Rapid measurements.
  • Capability of calibration.


LAVEG™ provides:

  • High-quality 7 x sighting optics.
  • Comfort in handling by compact and ruged design.
  • Result display in eyepiece and additionally on large external display.
  • Measurements: Free-hand or from tripod.
  • Tracking mode for continuous measurements and display of speeds.
  • Measurement program for recording motion processes.
  • RS 232 interface for use in combination with PC.
  • Possibility of upgrading this handheld unit with a video attachment.

Application examples:

  • Speed monitoring by police.
  • Speed checks by operative law enforcment guards.
  • Speed measurement in motor racing.
  • Measurement of translational motion in industry, economy and competitive sport.


The LAVEG™ vehicle speed measuring device is ready for use within sconds. The device can be held like a pair of binoculars, simple operation ensures reliable handling after appropriate instructions without longterm prctice being necessary.

The device needs no adjustment or preparation thus providing extremely mobile and flexible use on critical places of road traffic. The spot size of the sighting beam is very small (max. 35 cm at 100 m). thus, singling out target vehicles is possible without any problems even in heavy traffic and on multi-lane roads.

Measurements are taken down the road and possible both onto approaching and moving off vehicles. The standard interface (RS 232 port) provides storage of measured results an an external computer or additional display on an external computer-aided display or a large screen.

The distance measurement mode integrated in the LAVEG™ has proved to be useful for surveying work on sites of accidents or for measuring and setting up traffic systems and road signs.

The standard equipment of the LAVEG™ includes all components required for intantaneous use of the measuring device. The instrument is supplied in a sturdy, impact-resistant carrying case that is upholstered inside and also accommodates accessories.

It is recommended to set up the instrument in the tripod or the single leg support available as acceaaory. This is particulary convenient for long-term measurement jobs.

LCD-large display
Statistical software

   LOTOS -  Road Traffic Data Collection With Laser Sensors.
  Road traffic monitoring systems are primarily intended to inform road users about the latest traffic situation, influence the vehicle flows for reduction of stoppages, prevent accidents and allow optimal utilisation of existing traffic routes.

The efficiency of a traffic guidance system essentially depends on the performance of the traffic detectors which are selected for data collection.
LOTOS traffic detectors and LOTOS roadside stations  


Convincing advantages at a glance:

TLS-compliant traffic data collection for multi-lane roads

  • from an off-lane position
  • selective per-lane registration
  • solar supply for autonomous
    four-sensor operation
  • GSM data transmission


System Features

  • Speed measurement of individual vehicles
  • Classification as passenger cars and lorries or lorry-like vehicles by vehicle length
  • Vehicle counts at preprogrammed time intervals, sorted for passenger cars and lorries
  • GSM data transmission and remote parametrisation
  • Output of preprocessed data with status reports according to program
  • Detection of jams & stoppages
  • Serial RS 232 interface for individual vehicle data and diagnosis
  • Low current consumption for solar supply
  • No traffic disruptions due to lateral off-lane installation
  • Single sensor or packaged operation with up to four sensors
  • GSM data reception modem for data transfer to PC, V85 analysis, data storage and viewing software

Range of Applications

LOTOS traffic sensors are designed to handle road traffic data collection, traffic flow monitoring, and to control installations which have an influence on traffic patterns.

They can be used:

  • within built-up areas by easy installation on lighting poles beside the roadway or on the median strip of multi-lane roads,
  • along motorways mounted onto lateral frames, poles behind the guardrails or at bridges.


Working Principle

Each LOTOS sensor emits short invisible laser pulses to project a laser detection field onto a road lane.

The various signals which are reflected from the roadway and the vehicles are analysed by a microprocessor and used for calculation of the presence, the position, the speed and the length of vehicles in real time