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   DVRXX-B-XXX-MR   Mirroring Removable HD Models

Available for 32 Frames recording DVRs Applications : For high end expendable storage applications 4 ,8 and 16 CH models are available
Provide 100% redundancy Prevent loss of vital recorded video data with twin HD storing mirror image
Unlimited storage capacity Users can buy as many RHD as they required.
Instant archiving by removing and replacing HD Unlike TAPE back up which takes hours to archive, iFocus' RHD DVR provide instant archiving by removing and replacing the RHD.
Instant playback base on event/Date-Time Unlike TAPE back up which takes time and is cumbersome to playback. iFocus' RHD DVR provide instant playback
Instant recovery in case of HD issues


Conventional DVRs cannot be recovered instantly when internal HD failed, with iFocus' removable HD DVR, users can recover it instantly by swapping the removable HD
Standard Features  
Embedded stable OS with WatchDog Timer Ensure continuous and reliable operation using non-Windows Operating Systems
Triplex Multiplexing LiveView/Playback/Recording simultaneously
User Friendly IR Controller Users without PC knowledge can operate our DVR without problem. Training would be short and easy.
Remote Monitoring/Control/Archiving Modem dial in with iFocus' latest standard bundled software. Enable economical and secured remote management.
Secured Installations supported The DVR can be secured in a remote location while viewing and controlling in an open area.
Alarm Dial out to Pager/handphone DVR can be programmed to page upon unauthorized entry.
Long Recording Period Up to 346 days at 1 FPS recording rate
Video Motion Detection Available for all channels
Alarm input/output 6 alarm inputs and VideoLoss/VideoMotion/External Alarm/Timer alarm outputs
Remote auxilliary device control Users can dial in and control devices at the DVR site. Example, they can turn on the lights.
Camera Text colour change upon Trigger Upon video motion and external alarm, the text of that camera would change from white to RED
Enhanced Features  
Recording up to 32 Frame per Second Support high recording frame rate per channel
LAN option is available High speed LAN connectivities
Remote PTZ controls is supported Users can dial in and perform PTZ control
Faster Live View and playback