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   Legal Call Interception

DigiVox has developed advanced  legal call interception systems for several Cellular Carriers  as well as equipment for  monitoring centres  used by law enforcement agencies.  We also supply flexible  software  interfaces for Call Interception Management. 


Monitoring Centre Equipment 

The Comlog Monitoring Centre  supplies a very useful tool for  Law Enforcements Agencies.  The software  includes  various practical provisions:

  • The location of the intercepted target
  • Possibilities for life monitoring
  • Excellent digital audio quality
  • Digital storage
  • User friendlly  software interface 
  • Decentral network acces to intercepted  calls and call related  data


    Digital Voice Logging

    Digital Speech Recording

  • High-Impedance logging on digital and analogue trunks
  • Multiple protocols supported e.g. SS7, PRI, CAS
  • Digital storage  of speech, fax and modem
  • Extensive call trace information
  • Fast search- and selection tools

  • Easy to integrate into the existing infrastructure
  • Decentral maintenance and playback
  • Live playback over  PC-LAN
  • Several  storage conditions
  • Based on Windows-NT system architecture


MO Jukebox for automatic archiving

What it is...

Comlog is an advanced high impedance digital voice logging system that can be used for digital storage of  speech, data and fax independent of the PABX. Every recorded call is provided with extensive call trace information such as the called and calling party number, date and time info, etc.


  • Emergency rooms
  • 112 centres
  • Call Centres
  • Dealing rooms
  • Telephone order procession